IETF 109 NWCRG Meeting Agenda (v2)

1- nwcrg@ietf109-hackathon

No hackathon for the swif codec this time.

2- nwcrg online meeting

Online meeting on Tuesday November 17, 2020, 7:30-8:30 (UTC) Session II
Time Zone Conversion:

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Participation will take place through Meetecho (please connect in advance):
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00- Welcome, administrative and general matters

(Chairs) (10')

Updates of existing works:

01- "BATS Coding Scheme for Multi-hop Data Transport" I-D

(Raymond Yeung) (10+5')

02- "Coding and congestion control in transport" I-D

(Nicolas Kuhn) (10+5')
Update of the document and new experimental results.

Additional presentations

03- "Repair patterns for sliding window codes"

(Morten V. Pedersen) (10')

Wrap-up, next steps

(Chairs, all) (5')


Total allocated time: 55'