EMAILCORE (Revision of core email standards) WG




Ticket 7: better definition for trace header fields

Issue with “lone return path” (slide 8)

Syntax (slide 9)

Slide 10 - better definition of trace header fields

There’s an optional block of stuff at the top: trace, optional-field, additional fields…

Slide 11 - issues for 5321 (should registry be mentioned - see next slide)

Slide 12 - issue 8, registry of header fields to add during and after submission.

EHLO (ticket 19)

Slide 14 - the “must not refuse to accept the message on that basis”

Slide 15 - IP address literals in EHLO

Sounds like we need at minimum some text in applicability statement about this.

Slide 16: quoted strings (ticket 21)

ACTION: separate issue for canonicalize and compare from ticket 21

Slide 18 - empty quoted strings (issue 35)

Wanted feedback on applicability statement -> where strings can be empty vs non-empty.

Slide 20 - behaviour on server closing connection.

Slide 21 - more on clients - issue 46

Slide 24 - ticket 5 - deprecate or remove 552 as 452.

Slide 25 - review timeout specifications.

No more issues!

See you on the mailing list.

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