jsonpath IETF 110 Working Group

Date: 2021-03-10
Time: 12:00 - 14:00 UTC (to be confirmed)

Agenda Bashing



On the future shape of the working group draft. It’s a bit messy now, what’s our vision of what the IESG -00 looks like?

Update from editors:

Processing model

Issues: #27, #23, #21, #14, #15

James adds a processing-model label to the named issues.

(mjkoster) Could we introduce the notion of an ordered nodeset, which would define an ordering and would be used to process nodesets where ordering is important? There could be an ordered nodeset that represents the source document, as well as for the nodes selected by some processing operation.



Title of the specification

Rough agreement for "JSONPath: Query expressions for JSON"


(mjkoster) would it not make more sense to use "item" for an element of an array, since it's already called that in json schema, and use "element" for the more general reference? i.e. element == node, array(items), map(members)

Differentiation from JSON Pointer

Carsten: Happy with the +1

References to XPath

Array Slice Operator


Duplicates and Ordering

Filter Expressions

Respect Implementations

Error Handling


Issue tracker vs mailing list