IETF 111 PALS/MPLS/DetNet/SPRING Joint Meeting

Joint session with PALS, MPLS, DetNet

Tuesday, 27 July 2021 - 16:00-18:00 PDT Room: 6

120/120 min allocated


Chairs: Stewart Bryant and Andy Malis

Secretary: David Sinicrope

  1. 5 min - Chairs’ intro - Andy MALIS
  2. 20 min - MPLS Open DT summary and status - Stewart BRYANT
  3. In-stack Indicators
  1. 10 min - draft-kompella-mpls-mspl4fa FAI MSPL I-D: Kireeti KOMPELLA
  2. 10 min - draft-bryant-mpls-aux-data-pointer-00: Stewart BRYANT
  3. 5 mins- draft-song-mpls-eh-indicator: Haoyo SONG
  1. Meta-data Encoding Options:
  1. 20 min - MPLS Extension Header: Enabling Extensible In-Network Services - Haoyu SONG
    Objective: Recap the solution proposal with some updates based on the DT meeting discussion.
  1. 10 min - draft-zzhang-intarea-generic-delivery-functions GFD Encodings - Jeffery ZHANG
  1. 35 min - Discussion - All
  2. 5 min - Chairs’ summary - Stewart BRYANT  




Note: This meeting is focused on Meta/Ancillary data in MPLS packets - how we know it is there and how we carry it.

This is both formal reporting of the progress on the MPLS Open Design Team and a working session to progress the work.






Jabber room: xmpp:pals@jabber.ietf.org?join

MPLS Open Design Team Wiki (The MPLS open design team keeps a log of its work here: https://trac.ietf.org/trac/mpls/wiki/MPLSOpenDT

If you have any general issues with Meetecho, the meeting audio, etc., send an email to support@ietf.org (Note: a Meetecho tech will be monitoring Jabber during the meeting)