Last call for Linkset draft-ietf-httpapi-linkset-03 (Darrel Miller)

Approaching WGLC; one open issue on mailing list to discuss.

Should JSON representation include multi-lingual titles?

Consistency vs. complexity trade-off

Should take to list; not all stakeholders are present.

Phil: Implemented as-is, wasn't a problem; would prefer it not change now.

Mark: Need to dig in more.

Conversation returned to list.

Update on RFC7807bis (Mark Nottingham)

Close to WGLC after these issues are dealt with.

Multiple Problems - #6

HTTP status code for multiple statuses is "quite obscure"

Recommendation is "pick one to surface"; some support on issue, but unsure on consensus

Sanjay: Lack of support for multiple errors has led us to custom error responses in the past. Bad for acceptance of 7807.

Mark: Unclear whether that's because of lack of guidance or because it's actually needed.

Darrel: MS follows from OData, but not much used. Mostly seen on batched operations where some succeed and some fail; not generalized.

Mike A.: Pick first and stop there. Don't invent something that messes with status codes.

Mark: Advice about granularity is probably useful here.

Jayadeba: Could not use 7807 for this reason; supporting this would aid adoption.

Sanjay: Multiple instances is more common; multiple problems is limited.

Mark will author a PR to see if that gets consensus.

Repository of common types - #7/#24

HTTP or URN prefix?

Max: Linked to error page; would this make that impossible?

Mark: This isn't for custom errors. Advertisement for registry versus potential load issue and compactness.

Jayadeba: This could be used for non-HTTP protocols; is HTTP appropriate?

Mark: Just an identifier; no dereferencing. Also, this is HTTPAPI.

Sanjay: HTTP response might come from another source.

Mike A.: URN is less likely to be dereferenced accidentally.

Mark will try URN and see if it sticks.

Indication of URI resolvability - #15

7807 doesn't allow new fields, for better or worse.

Derk-Jan: Encourage people to make docs resolvable. Put in Link header or a new member with a short name.

Mark: If your docs aren't intended to be resolvable, use a URN.

Sanjay: Separate Link header might not help; should be with the object. Should help consumer resolve the issue.

Derk-Jan: Link indicates resolvable; use URN if it's not resolvable.

Mike: Use URN when it shouldn't be resolvable.

Keep default that type is resolvable to docs. Refine text to clarify principles.

Introduction to Idempotency Key draft (Sanjay Dalal & Jayadeba Jena)

Lots of similar approaches to this problem, including Post-Once-Exactly. Draft standardizes header usage.

Several users already.

Behavior on repeat posting - #2

Should it return the result of the previous operation, or the current state if it has changed since?

Proposal: Previous result; client can make conditional GET to check if state is current.

Should the status code indicate whether the request has already been made?

Proposal: Previous status code; just indicate that it was done.

Should the server retry when the previous status was a recoverable error?

Proposal: Want to clarify that server has option to retry.

Similar OASIS Standard - #5

Will invite OASIS to discuss with WG on how they align.

Mark: History shows cross-SDO standards are rough. Invite OASIS folks here or our folks can go there, but joint efforts are fraught.

Rich: Agree, different rules for participation.

Comparison with conditional requests - #4

Will discuss other approaches in appendix.

Mike A.: Examples so far rely on server state; conditional requests have been around for a while.

Mark: New conditional request mechanism isn't trivial; need to involve HTTP WG.

Mike A.: Talking about applying to POST, not creating new ones.

Mike & Mark will sync about http-core.

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