IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme) WG

IETF 111 - Monday July 26th, 2021 21:30-22:30 UTC


Document Status

Chairs (5 min)

Chris: We would ask that if there is more required on IPTFS for sending to IESG, that we do this quickly, as it's been a full cycle since WGLC

Tero: Yes, sounds good will get to this this week.

Hybrid IKEv2 Interoperability Testing

Valery Smyslov (5 min)



Improvements for post-quantum IKEv2

Daniel Herzinger (5 min)

Management of IPTFS (Yang and SNMP draft)

Don Fedyk (10 min)



Don: Asked for WGLC

Tero: We have 3 WGLC ongoing, and are finishing moving the base draft to IESG. So in about a month from now we can WGLC

Don: Ok, perhaps we can start YANG doctor reviews in preperation

Tero: Ok.

Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2) Configuration for Encrypted DNS

Valery Smyslov (10 min)


Beyond 64KB Limit of IKEv2 Payloads

Valery Smyslov (10 min)


Paul: Asked why we are using TCP when the world is going to UDP.

Valery: TCP is optional. Can use UDP, just less reliable.

Yoav: Suggested there are other formats.

Valery: This was considered in earlier draft but it is a larger change to the protocol.

Valery Asked for WG adoption.

Tero: If falls withing the charter and for the last two drafts can make adoption calls.

IKEv2 Optional SA&TS Payloads in Child Exchange

William Panwei (5 min)


Panwei: Ask for WG adoption.

Valery: In favor of Notify - SHOULD be supported. What about the very first CHild SA ? It inheirits from IKE?

Paul: IN teh Trafic selctors there is signalling for PFS - Take to mailing list.

IKEv2 support for per-queue Child SAs

Paul Wouters (5 min)


Tero: Maybe outside charter. Have to dicuss with AD and authors to see if it fits. Email to list.

Ben: At the SAAG session post Quantum presenations.

AOB + Open Mic (0 min)