Draft Minutes for the NetMod 111 WG Session (as of Aug 16, 2021)

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Note takers:

Joel Jaeggli

Agenda for the NETMOD 111 WG Session

Agenda: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/111/materials/agenda-111-netmod
WG Documents: https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/netmod/documents/


Tuesday, July 27, 2021
Session II (21:30-22:30 UTC, 14:30-15:30 PDT)

WG Chairs:

Lou Berger (lberger at labs dot net)
Kent Watsen (kent plus ietf at watsen dot net)
Joel Jaeggli (joelja at bogus dot com)

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commenced at 21:30 utc

Chairs (10 minutes)

note well

Session Intro & WG Status

syslog model 26 needs updates to align with referenced documents so it's back in the working group.

nmda diff draft version 11 is published. is in post-IESG review

Rob - post last call documents
waiting on ieee feedback on vlan interface model

geo-location doc - has a discuss IESG ben will suggest text, perhaps helpful for Chris, Ben and Rob to meet to resolve.

Chartered items:

YANG Versioning Update (30 min)


21:39 Overview jason sterne presenting

Kent Watsen: What happens if the imported version breaks backwards compatibility?
Jason Sterne: In the end, keep is simple, and don't need a derived-or-compatible version label.
Kent: Okay, will take it offline, it sounds like it has been discussed.
Jason: Yes, it has definitely been discussed, and we believe that it is right compromise.

21:55 YANG Module Versioning Draft - Jason Sterne

Raised by Carsten on chat: Are you sure you want a non-URI- and non-shell-compatible character in your filenames?

22:03 YANG Semver Draft - Joe Clarke


kent - we should come back to the point.

jason - is this part of yang 1.1 or do we need to reserve it for yang next

the versioning group supports it

lou - we would like to (particularly) hear from people who oppose advanving this as part of yang 1.1

Reshad - Can't make out what he is saying.

mahesh - supports the wya that gets this standardized fastest. if that's 1.1 then that's fine

Jason - Vendors are already moving ahead with this, and so is OpenConfig.

balazas - 3gpp is updating their modules in an nbc way so they need this yesterday.

rob - do we last call these one a time and then hold them until the set is complete or how do we take them forward

lou / kent - we can last call the ones that are ready (the first 3 of 5), and then the others later, progressing all 5 as a set to the IESG.

Non-Chartered items:

22:19 System Configuration Data Handling Behavior (15 min)


Discussion Leader: Qiufang Ma

jason sterne - in option 3 are you proposing that all of you system configuration is visible

jason recognize the difference between running being valid when template expansion is occuring (doesn't that mean running is not valid?)

rob - think this work is useful. running being valid was trying to avoid changing the defintion in 7950 running is valid if intended is valid

option 2 is the best answer here

prefer that running is only updated by a clieent

balazas - option 2 is very strange

jason - option 2 breaks offline validation


jason - suggest a mini interim for this proposal

kent - 22:30 closing the sesstion