NTP WG Meeting, IETF 111

IETF 111
Tuesday 27 July 2021, 23:00 UTC
Chairs: Karen O'Donoghue, Dieter Sibold
AD: Erik Kline
Presentation materials: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/111/session/ntp
Jabber Log: https://jabber.ietf.org/jabber/logs/ntp/2021-07-27.html

Administrative and Agenda Bashing

NTP/TICTOC WG Document Status Review/Update (Chairs)

RFC Editor Queue:


  1. NTP Interleaved Modes

  2. A YANG Data Model for NTP

  3. Control Messages Protocol for Use with Network Time Protocol Version 4

No further comments on these three documents.

WG calls

Out from the last interim meeting

  1. Last call on Alternative Port document: need to be discussed in more detail with a updated document. Miroslav is not here. No questions or comments from the participants.

  2. Adoption call for Registry Updates. No oppositions.

Update Roughtime

Presenter: Watson Ladd
Presentation: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/111/materials/slides-111-ntp-roughtime-update-00
- draft-ietf-ntp-roughtime-05
- draft-ietf-ntp-roughtime-ecosystem-00

Authors believe draft-ietf-ntp-roughtime-05 is ready for WGLC.



Miroslav is not present. No comments

Update of NTP charter

NTPv5 (no ID updates)

NTS for PTP (no ID updates)


Session closed at 23:55 UTC.