Pearg notes

Administrivia (5 minutes)

Blue sheets / scribe selection / NOTE WELL

Draft updates (20 minutes)

Safe measurement update

Mallory Knodell * A number of prior contributions, a few small changes * Fills major need * Goal of draft: describe for academia and industry guidelines on measurements that don't violate user privacy * Interesting things around scope. Important. Strengthened in last version * Not substitute for ethics review. Complements, not replaces * Tries to define better what Internet measurement scope means. Interested in definition. * Identifies user and who it is safe for. * In three parts * Consent * Safety
* Isolate risk with dedicated testbed
* Respect other infrastructure
* Data minimization
* Masking * Risk analysis * Alas TOC not coming out of XML yet! * Changes since -04 : disclosure issues * Recent research, IP address * Safety != Ethics? * Since -05 nits * Things still open in github
* Responsible disclosure
* Availability
* Ip addresses
* Future computing capability
* Look at CADIA
* Want to bring in learnings, add to table of contents.
* Please open issues, better yet PRs * Very hard to explain what consent would mean in lower layers


IP address privacy update

New Work / Presentations (1hr 35 mins)

Website Fingerprinting in the Age of QUIC - Jean-Pierre Smith (20 mins)


ShorTor: Improving Tor Network Latency through Multi-Hop Overlay Routing - Kyle Hogan (20 mins)

Private Relay - Tommy Pauly (20 mins)


FLoC - Josh Karlin (remaining time)