Seminar scheduled for Sept

Discuss use case draft
3 expired drafts

Kaushik C

Recap (versions 04-05-06-07 in quick succession)

Sec 2

define EPR pairs,
entanglement swapping between a pair of EPR pairs A, B and C, D
entangle AB, entangle CD, do a bell state measurement: now AD are an EPR pair
q teleportation
send a qubit to a distant party via local ops at each end and classical communication

Sec 3

apps: Q money, Q imaging, Q chemistry
use “no cloning theorem” to create nonclonable q banknotes
q imaging for sensing neural activity
q chem app for NISC

Sec 4

variants of QKD
mitigation of side channel attacks on QKD devices

Next steps

version 07 stable, all comments addressed (waiting for new comments)
else ready for last call

question (robin w): replace q sensor with q metrology (more inclusive)
???: is metrology actually more inclusive?
kaushik will research and pick a name
Woj: can you contrast q money with crypto currency?
KC: q money is physical money
RvM: EPR pair vs Bell pair: pick one consistent term
(Bell pair seems to be the more useful and mathematically formulated one)
(woj: also fits in with bell state)
RvM: MDI & xxx QKD, no good way to send across repeaters: should be in draft (KC agrees)
Woj: comments mostly cleanup, typos; draft getting there, close to RGLC
Diego: more than use cases, so should draft be renamed? (content is good)

open floor discussion

any questions/comments on arch position paper/email?
RvM: primary disc on mail list: alex & joe; RvM agrees with joe’s replies
RvM: it’s time to put pieces together for an architecture
recursion for Q internet
will work across a global internet
managing resources inside a q repeater

Start from blog post, submit as paper to network conference
Please send comments on email thread, blog post, paper, etc – bring to mailing list

RvM: purification; woj: distillation – helpful to have one consistent term; may be different mathematically
slight preference for distillation (KC, woj, RvM’s post doc)
consensus in room: distillation

Colin P: still early, there could be other q internetworking positions besides the one in the paper above.
RvM: will need a single internetworking position eventually, so interconnection can happen
ruleset approach is general
Woj: 600M euros in EU to build q networks/internets (both?)
plan is to have networks open to industry and researchers

Robin: in all QIRG sessions, every q network is accompanied by classical network
will that be in the architecture
RvM: yes, primarily for control plane
Robin: will there be different approaches/philosophies in q networks?
like different things to measure in bell pairs

KK: should I revive advertising entanglement draft?
Woj: shoot an email to mailing list

Woj: seminar announcement: 22 sep virtual QiRG session.