Secdispatch @ IETF111

Monday, July 26, 2021, 23:00-01:00 (+1) UTC
Chairs: Kathleen Moriarty, Richard Barnes, Mohit Sethi

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Intro (Chairs) - 10 minutes

Showed the NOTE WELL.

No bases to the proposed agenda.

TLS 1.3 transport model for SNMPv3 (Ken Vaughn) - 20 minutes

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Note from author: ITS community is interested in producing an update to RFC 6353. NTCIP and ISO communities have requested the author reach out to the IETF to initiate a conversation on this topic.

EKR: Advocates a new WG and a standards-track output.

Rich: Advocates a full document instead of an update.

Roman: Where is the expertise in SNMP going to come from? We know where to find TLS expertise.

Richard: Can this be done in UTA?

Ben: Leaning toward tightly scoped new WG.

Roman: Maybe the OPS ADs can offer assistance about SNMP expertise.

OUTCOME: Either OPS or small focused SEC WG.

Definition of End-to-end Encryption (Mallory Knodel) - 20 minutes

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Quetion from authors: Which WG is best to continue work on the draft?

PHB: Prefers LAMPS because it covers several protocol perspectives. Also, would like data at rest to be in scope too.

Mohit (no chair hat): A definition that is specific to MLS is much easier than a general definition that covers many protocol environments. SAAG is a better place to hold the general discussion.

EKR: A definition is helpful. Example to TLS session to Google is not the “ends” for the Gmail application. Does not quite fit in an existing group.

Richard: Need to include the different layers.

Roman: If it is not specific to a protocol, then it probably needs to be AD sponsored.

Ben: More discussion to determine the scope is needed. Basically agree with Roman.

OUTCOME: Set up a mail list to further the discussion.

Fast Transition for Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (Jerome Henry) - 20 minutes

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Richard: Seems like IEEE 802.11 would be a better home.

Dan: IEEE 802.11 did not want to do the OWE work that became RFC 8110.

EKR: Suggests liaison with IEEE 802.11 as the first step.

Bob Moskowitz: {poor audio}

Roman: Agree with starting with a liaison statement.

OUTCOME: Start with liaison with IEEE 802.11.

ECDSA Signatures in Verification-Friendly Format (René Struik) - 20 minutes

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Note from authors: Discussed this with lamps at IETF-110 but
despite positive feedback lamps did not include this with their recent re-charter yet. The simple technique is broader than just lamps, though, and should be beneficial for any deployment (certificate transparency, openpgp, pkix, etc.). Lamps would be a good starting point.

PHB: Suggest CFRG.

Rene: Batch signature verification of 6x if public key the same. Less if just the same curve.

DKG: Suggest CFRG before being used in protocols.

Rich: Suggest CFRG review.

Richard: Suggest CFRG review before any codepoints are assigned.

Roman: Agree with Richard.

OUTCOME: CFRG review before any codepoints are assigned.

JWS Clear Text JSON Signature Option (Bret Jordan) - 20 minutes

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Question from authors: What direction would be best for this work in the IETF?


Flex time - 10 minutes