DISPATCH Virtual Meeting @IETF-112

Monday 8 November 2021
12:00-14:00 UTC



Status and Agenda Bash - Chairs and ADs (5 min)

Secure Credential Transfer (20 min)

Presenter: Matt Byington

Flextime (35 mins)

ART AREA Meeting

BoFs, updates and meetings of interest - ADs (10 min)

ART Area Review Team (ART-ART) & Internationali(s|z)ation (10 min)

Presenter: Barry Leiba / John Klensin

AOB (40 minutes)


Kirsty did the Note Well, the Note Very Well, and some background on how best to work with meetecho.

Secure Credential Transfer

Matt Byington presenting (first time IETFer)

OpenGraph is a very popular protocol.


Patrick running the queue. Reminds everybody that dispatch is for deciding where to work on things.

Patrick McManus: What is the deployment status?

Pete Resnick:

Phillip Hallam-Baker: why not use SAML? It exists, it’s a standard which is designed to do exactly this.

Samuel Weiler:

Stephen Farrell:



Richard Barnes:

Cullen Jennings:

Rich Salz (with Pete’s question):

Patrick as chair:

Ted Hardie (via email):

Thanks everybody who made comments.

Chairs will give feedback at the end of the session.

ART section

Francesca presenting meetings of interest

Murray: MEDIAMAN is looking for a co-chair. Please contact Murray.

Francesca: likewise, pleaese get in touch if you want to chair - we’re always looking for chairs.

Barry Leiba: also SCIM working group has been re-opened.

ARTART is now operational, and has done around 30 reviews which have been very helpful for the ADs.

ECMAScript Media Types Updates In Last Call (ends 2021-11-15)

ART AD Office hours are today.

Side meetings are an option: https://trac.ietf.org/trac/ietf/meeting/wiki/112sidemeetings

Nomcom is open for feedback.


Barry Leiba - sometimes we come up with things in the ARTART review where internationalization might be required (how strings are compared / used where human readable)

Don’t need you to become an expert, just see flags of when it might need review.

Robert Sparks via chat: the trick is noticing when it needs something, but is absent.

John Klensin: there’s a balance problem. There are fundamental issues.

  1. Why?
  2. If free-text, saying “just use UTF-8” is not enough.

John via chat: Barry and I should have added that, if anyone has expertise in the i18n area and who is not already involved in the directorate/ review activities, we would love to hear from you (Barry and/or Pete are the best contact points)

Anyone who isn’t already an ARTART reviewer and wants to help, please let Barry know!

Media over QUIC

Spencer Dawkins presenting

Side meeting on Tuesday.



Kirsty: consensus for first draft - consensus was BOF on problem space, scope out use-cases.

Cullen: please clarify - requirements around relay, or around the whole problem?

Patrick: concur that we should address the question of how much of the whole problem is in scope.

Francesca: conversation can continue on the dispatch or art mailing list while we coordinate with SEC ADs and proponents.

Richard Barnes: don’t think it belongs in sec - the interesting questions are around the broader architecture. The details of the crypto needs to be arranged properly, but we can bring in exepertise. The work belongs in ART not SEC.

outcome: Francesca will chat with SEC ADs.

Suggestions via chat: virtual interim BOF – too long to wait until next IETF.

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