Drone Remote ID Protocol (drip)
              IETF#112 Meeting Agenda
     Co-Chairs: Daniel Migault & Mohamed Boucadair
     Minute takers: Stu Card

  1. Note well, code of conduct logistics, and introduction 5 min

DM: -reqs soon, hoping to be pubmished by tyhe end of year
EV: lucky if end of year
DM: hope that -arch in Editor queue by end of year, please focus so we can ship it!

solution space docs also in process, soliciting cfrg feedback

  1. DRIP Architecture 10 min

more complex figure: use it? - SC to provide explanatory text
Stu shared figure in question - explains the “new terms” in figure that are present. Argues that there is no “full” picture in any doc.
Andrei approves, Adam approves. Bob thinks all items are in arch but sometimes not clear in text.
Med: Agree it fits the arch. We just need to make sure in the narrative that some interfaces are not in drip scope (DAA/V2V), etc.
Sean: more simplified in -arch already and this adds more context
consensus is to include, tweak text, clarify that it is just context into which DRIP fits, some elements in figure are outside DRIP scope (subtle example from chat window: V2V is out of scope, but using DRIP to identify entities in a manner enabling initiation of V2V is not)

  1. DRIP Implementations 15 min
  1. DRIP Solutions
  1. Open Mic & Closing 5 min
    SC: Observer to Pilot private comms need now recognized by multiple US Federal agencies, but we are not quite ready to tackle in DRIP WG
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