IABOpen Meeting IETF112


Welcome and Status Update (10 mins) - Mirja/Russ

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Document Updates:

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Evolvability, Deployability, & Maintainability (EDM) Program (10 mins) - Tommy

Slides: EDM Program Update

Documents under consideration:

Working Group Implementation Tracking Survey

Peter Resnick: I wonder how much the IESG has talked to you about this and whether this could be folded into the moving along the standards track stuff that we’ve done a lousy job of. It feels like this would fold in brilliantly and make that whole thing easier.

Tommy Pauly: The IESG is aware, and we’ll be talked to them more as this develops.

Pete Resnick: In an ideal world, all WGs would do this as a matter of course. We used to have a horrible time to convince people to move things along the standards track, which is why we got rid of Draft Standard, and people are still not great about moving to full Internet Standard, but if we have all the data, people could just do it and it would be easier. And it would maybe get rid of the temptation to have everything stay at Proposed Standard forever.

Tommy Pauly: The label between PS and IS, this could make it a more meaningful distinction again.

Report: IAB Workshop on Measuring Network Quality for End-Users (15 mins) - Wes

Slides: IAB Network Quality for End-Users Workshop Report

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Open Mic (10 mins)

Martin Duke: I want to put in a plug for IPPM in the next session, which will have a draft about RPM.

Mirja Kühlewind: Any other questions?

Charles Eckel: Re the survey from EDM, is there a deadline for when responses are requested by?

Tommy Pauly: We’ve had a fair amount of responses, but I’m hoping that this reminder and the ping to the list today–but I imagine anyone who is going to respond will do so in the next week or so. We’ll give the results to the Program in December.

Spencer Dawkins: I want to thank the IAB for doing the public viewing of IAB meetings for one specific reason, which is that the IAB has been doing reviews of Research Groups for as long as I’ve known about, and they have not tended to be very public. I had the opportunity to watch the PANRG review that the IAB did recently, and having that viewable and minutes was super useful for me, and I hope other RG participants will take advantage of that when their RGs are reviewed.

Mirja Kühlewind: Yes, before we usually did those in the breakfast meetings at face-to-face meetings, so it’s been easier to have observers when we do them on teleconferences

Russ White: Yes, I would encourage people to join IAB meetings as observers; they are all open exept for executive sessions. We have some drafts upcoming that we will be looking for help with.

Zhenbin Li: I have comments on the path signals draft. APN has proposed a solution including the data plan encapsulation. From my point of view, there is the discussion about the open Internet and limited domain. We can feel the possible difference. The path signals and APN work feels similar. For the APN work, that is limited domain, so it only uses available packet header information.

Mirja Kühlewind: There was a presentation on this draft at the last IAB Open Meeting. I don’t think there is a huge difference, but please have a look and provide feedback on the architecture-discuss list.

Wes Hardaker: To follow on Russ’s comment about IAB meetings being open except executive session. We have almost nothing in executive session these days, and it’s only when we are going into background information on people we are going to appoint to things.

Mirja Kühlewind: If you are missing the executive session, you are only missing the boring stuff.

Spencer Dawkins: For something Russ was mentioning, that the IAB has documents they would like help on: I am curious about how we would know that, and is there an obvious time for us to try to be helpful? Often the notices I will see are For IAB call for comment or adoption or something like that, but I’m a bit vague on how the people who could help would know that they should be helping.

Mirja Kühlewind: When we publish a document on the IAB stream, it’s kind of an opinion piece of the people on the IAB.

Russ White: If you attend some of the technical discussions, you’d see some of the stuff we’re working on, or look at the meeting minutes to see what we were talking about.

Mirja Kühlewind: From the process POV, we have 2 steps. One is before we adopt a document (this is where we are with the path signals document), and the other is very late, just before we publish. We have these two points where you can easily engage, and even before that, we try to bring it to this meeting here where we can have some discussion with th community.

Zhenbin Li: We could have a meeting where community members could bring technical topics to us.

Mirja Kühlewind: Yes, if you have topics you think the IAB should consider, please bring them to us.