November 11, 2021 Session I

Chairs: Nancy Cam-Winget, Barry Leiba

Notetakers: Pamela Dingle, Paul Lanzi, Janelle Allen


Agenda Bash & Logistics - Nancy Cam-Winget

Charter and Milestone (markers) review - Nancy Cam-Winget

SCIM Introduction & Existing Spec Review (RFC 7643/76440) - Janelle Allen and Danny Zollner

Use Cases & Concepts (Updating RFC 7642) - Pamela Dingle

Multi-value Filtering Extension (draft-hunt-scim-mv-filtering-00.txt) - Phil Hunt

SCIM Extensions (draft-zollner-scim-domain-extension/ and draft-zollner-scim-roles-entitlements-extension/) - Danny Zollner

Tooling and Next Steps - Chair: Nancy Cam-Winget

Session Notes

Nancy - I tried to pre-load the agenda, in the interest of time a 2nd scribe would be great. Welcome to our first official continuation of the SCIM WG, the session is being recorded

There may be a few of you that are new, there are notes to take with respect to privacy (the Note Well) we will be following IETF privacy processes, please consider the Note well. Meeting tips: stay muted, we track attendance through blue sheet but now it is automatically taken. There are chat rooms, if you need assistance there are links. Code of conduct: as we participate we should extend respect/courtesy. We are a diverse group.

Notes are live, could use help as Pam will present in 3rd slot

Barry is co-chair and will help run the session.

Charter link:
Other SCIM Working Group links:

Milestones are a stake in the ground on what are markers for rough targets of where we want to be. Not the final thing, the WG gets to decide how to move forward

Intro presentation - Janelle & Danny

Janelle Allen - introduces herself, Danny Zollner - both are product managers, Danny at MSFT, Janelle at Cisco


(Phil) The reason for the POST in .search is to protect PII

SCIM Use Cases and Concepts - Pam Dingle, Microsoft

How Clients Implement bi-directionality

What can we do to align documentation to implementations?

SCIM Multi-Value (MV) Filtering - Phil Hunt

Discussion and next steps:

SCIM Extension Drafts - Domains, Roles & Entitlements - Danny Zollner

Roles + Entitlements

Procedural Stuff - Nancy

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