DPRIVE and ADD are sharing a slot at IETF113. Both Agendas are below:

DNS Privacy Exchange (DPRIVE) WG

IETF 113


Very Responsible Area Director



Current Working Group Business

New Working Group Business

-- End of DPRIVE Agenda --

Agenda ADD@IETF113

Meeting Materials, Links

Materials, Charter, Documents

Materials, Charter, Documents

Interim Session times


1 Administration

2 Drafts

2.1 Split-Horizon DNS Configuration 15 min (Tiru)

2.2 Network policy to use Network-designated DNS Resolvers 10 min (Tiru) + Discussion time

2.3 DNS Resolver Information 10 min (Tiru) + Discussion time

2.4 Discovery of Designated Resolvers in the Presence of Legacy Forwarders 10 min (Ben) + Discussion time

3 AOB / Discussion (all)

4 Planning & Wrap up

-- End of ADD Agenda --