PANRG Agenda IETF 113

When: 13:00-14:00 CET Thu March 24th, 2022

Where: Meetecho

Chairs: Jen Linkova and Brian Trammell

Minutes Taker: TBA

Jabber Scribe: TBA


Time (CET) Length What Who
13:00 5m Welcome, Note Well, Agenda Chairs
13:05 15m A Vocabulary of Path Properties (draft-irtf-panrg-path-properties) R. Enghardt, C. Krähenbühl
13:20 15m Service Awareness rather than Path Awareness M. Welzl
13:35 10m Wide Area Network Autoscaling for Cloud Applications B. Serracanta
13:45 5m PoLKA source routing intro R. Guimarães
13:50 10m MultiPath Selection Strategies S. Dawkins
Time permitting 5m Gateway Based Trust Relationship Between the Endpoint and the Intermediate Node Zongpeng Du