[{"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "apologies, have tried three browsers but will likely be unable to show face on camera when presenting
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:33:06Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "Hi everyone, welcome to join the collaborative note taking: https://notes.ietf.org/notes-ietf-113-idr
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:34:44Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "You can add new drafts to the review list at the IDR wiki.
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:40:47Z"}, {"author": "Bruno Decraene", "text": "FYI, we have a small echo. presumably from the room
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:43:24Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "@Bruno - are you still hearing an echo?
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:44:05Z"}, {"author": "Bruno Decraene", "text": "no. thanks
", "time": "2022-03-22T13:44:21Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "Acee - Why did LSVR specify these things?
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:02:40Z"}, {"author": "Rob Austein", "text": "\"Should I expect identity verification to work?\"
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:06:01Z"}, {"author": "Rob Austein", "text": "But fair point that the HELLO is unsigned so one needs local config anyway so back to multiple source of truth, Ben's approach may be simpler.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:07:41Z"}, {"author": "Rob Austein", "text": "The flag is probably useful mostly for diagnosing fat fingers
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:08:07Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "rob, see also my list comment that hello in its unsigned form may permit mitm
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:08:10Z"}, {"author": "Rob Austein", "text": "Ultimately there is no way to avoid MITM other than a priori knowledge, ie, configured CA.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:15:07Z"}, {"author": "Kaliraj Vairavakkalai", "text": "Originate CT route at E3 (Egress-PE)
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:41:37Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "it's hard to be future proof.  the future is full of so many clever folk.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:42:43Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "true; but it is good to learn from the past and improve? :-)
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:43:06Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "then whats the point of encoding RD. Carry same Tunnel enpoint in prefix and RD. repetition of information. E3 in RD and E3 in prefix
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:43:25Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "it's great! You'll notice I'm very much about discussing extensibility and scoping in my comments, Ketan. :-)
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:43:35Z"}, {"author": "Kaliraj Vairavakkalai", "text": "Note on CAR local-convergence: When LCM is in use, ECMP/FRR cannot work on main BGP-CAR table. It needs to work on the resolution-table which uses the \"effective-color\"
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:43:57Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Kaliraj: We dont want penalize most deployed case for rare case of multiple domain case with LCM. Also  CAR still carry original E,C with LCM. So local convergence still holds
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:45:41Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "LCM seems more the corner case that I see being raised. When the provider is signaling service routes end to end across domains and tagging them with Color Ext Comm. Now if an operator is using different \"color scheme\" in their networks, they have an even bigger operational challenge with rewriting and dealing with mappings of the Color Ext Comm on the millions of service routes. There is a lot of operational simplicity with use of consistent coloring scheme. Then use the LCM for corner cases, if they arise.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:46:50Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "@swadesh - we probably need to hear as to what is rare care from operators
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:46:55Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "if remappability wasn't a concern, we probably could have just shipped original LCU presented ages ago
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:47:25Z"}, {"author": "Kaliraj Vairavakkalai", "text": "About discussion on limitation with 8277 encoding.
  - It was about moving non-key fields out of NLRI. Not add more of them into the NLRI. :-)
  - BGP-CT authors proposed moving nexthop-forwarding information to an attribute. like MultiNH attribute.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:47:28Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Srihari, remember ingress BR and originating ABRs would be in same domain
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:47:53Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "kaliraj, suggest you make that point in your presentation
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:48:05Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@LCM wont come in picture
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:48:10Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@kaliraj, limitation of 8277 is also support for other encapsulation. We need to remember this is transport and we have domains running a mix of MPLS, vxlan, SRv6, IPinIP, IPSec, etc.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:48:44Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Kaliraj, MultiNH attribute is still in attribute. Moving per prefix label to it not good idea
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:48:49Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "@Swadesh - in the picture that DJ presented, think about each domain having different colors
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:48:55Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Srihari, yes the case i am talking about.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:49:39Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "@Swadesh- so the color would be different and hence the LCM would be added, isn't it
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:50:21Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@srihari please consider what happens to signaling of all the service routes carrying color ext comm when each domain has different \"color scheme\".  It is possible, but consider the operational challenges with rewriting/mappings.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:50:46Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Srihari, not in originating domain
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:51:47Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "@ketan - exactly the point I'm making. this is what we heard when LCU was presented. That 's why I'm asking rather than vendors arguing, we need to hear from operators as to what is color mapping. I understand the color mapping operational complexity. this is what we heard couple years ago
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:52:20Z"}, {"author": "Boris Khasanov", "text": "Can you put more info about implementations into BGP CAR draft pls?
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:53:32Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "a specific point raised was coordination of color spaces between providers
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:53:37Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "To add further, in the CT as well as CAR proposals, when the authors describe using different colors in different domains and all the mapping stuff - it would be good to add text on the \"cost\" this imposes on the several orders of magnitude of BGP services (overlay) routes that are carried on top with the Color Ext Comm.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:53:50Z"}, {"author": "Kaliraj Vairavakkalai", "text": "Originate CT route at E3 :-)
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:54:38Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@Jeff option C?
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:54:49Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@Jeff, I meant to ask coordination of color spaces between provider for which inter-AS option?
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:58:04Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "any of them, ketan.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:58:41Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "If \"C\" is in nlri, and NLRI can't change, \"C\" must be agreeable to all receivers.
", "time": "2022-03-22T14:59:07Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "to KJ - can you send me details on why \"When LCM is in use, ECMP/FR cannot work.\"
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:22Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Jeff, its not required to be agreeable by all receivers
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:22Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "right, and adding LCM with another 'C' introduces more complexity and troubleshooting - has been brought up before
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:24Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "So this is option C? between different providers. Right? Because on option A or B this is not an issue for BGP services and transport is limited within a provider.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:29Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "why need to change C\uff1f The C is assigned by Egress PE, it should be keep the same E2E. Also Egress PE will send VPN routes with the same color, and use that color to resolve to the CAR route
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:41Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "Already clarified and captured by Jeff that CAR does not require add-path for propagation across multiple hops !
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:56Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "any option that \"C\" is carried in nlri
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:00:57Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "Dhananjaya, I think your better clarification is that if you need forwarding diversity, you consider that a different color.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:01:32Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Jeff, for single color domain its understood by all receivers
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:01:32Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "@Haibo - C cannot be changed as its embedded in NLRI. the point is when the receiving domain has new color, we need to introduce LCM with new C.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:01:46Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "my assumption is the inter-domain color route is mainly for option C, is my understanding correct?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:01:51Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "Swadesh, you might be indicating that there's disagreement what a color domain is.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:02:00Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "Incorrect assertions about CAR
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:02:35Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "You're making specific vpn assumptions about use case.  you can do inter-domain ebgp bgp-lu, as an example.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:02:48Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "CAR can support all of these options.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:02:53Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "Yes completly wrong assertion in presentation by CT authors
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:03:04Z"}, {"author": "Tarek Saad", "text": "In IGP world (algo-ID) is used to provide for different paths (algo ID can be different from Service 'Color').. In CAR, the service 'color' is doubles to provide for different paths (inconsistent with IGP)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:03:06Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "@srihari. This is for different routes. For CAR routes, it may need to resolve its locally tunnel through the LCM. But for VPN routes in OptionC, the color is keeping no change.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:03:06Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "I believe Jeff's summary does capture reality.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:03:40Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "The VPN routes color should be changed in option C scenario across all the domain
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:04:10Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "@Jeff, original (E,C) is carried in NLRI
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:04:16Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "The VPN routes color shouldn't be changed in option C scenario across all the domain
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:04:25Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "I understand that swadesh.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:04:28Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "This implies \"C\" must be carried end to end.  That similarly implies all receivers must agree to where C is used
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:04:57Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "if it multiple domain case, yes LCM takes over and its understood by CAR receiver
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:05:05Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "So the CAR routes key C shouldn't be changed either.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:05:15Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "It is a bad idea to remap NLRI within the same afi safi.  This is true for all bgp.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:05:35Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "Not mean remap, but for different level
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:06:06Z"}, {"author": "Swadesh Agrawal", "text": "with LCM, C is more of distinguisher and nothing need to be agreeable. LCM need to agggreable
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:06:08Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "LCM impacts resolution, not propagation.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:06:30Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "@ketan /Kaliraj - it would be good to provide your view\"cost\" of a particular set of functions - rather than implementation.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:06:49Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "essentially, BGP afi safi nlri feeds the RIB by NLRI key.  In car, E,effective-color feeds the resolution table
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:06:57Z"}, {"author": "Tarek Saad", "text": "@Swadesh and @DJ: In IGP world (algo-ID) is used to provide for different paths (algo ID can be different from Service 'Color').. In CAR, the service 'color' is doubles to provide for different paths (inconsistent with IGP)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:07:03Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "If you bring a new RD that only encodes color, then RD is meaningless...it reduces to the CAR defined NLRI :-)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:08:06Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "@DJ - I want to hear more incorrect assumptions about CAR.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:08:49Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "point for discussion, the encodings change how you talk about things.  does color stay the same or change when you need to change forwarding diversity?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:09:03Z"}, {"author": "Haibo Wang", "text": "The car solution has two kind of color. 1. used for vpn routes' resolution. this shouldn't be changed across all domain. 2. Used for car routes resolution. This may think fo LCM. But if no LCM exist, it may use NLRI key's color instead. I think it can be understood like this.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:09:55Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "There are two levels of route resolution here: level-1 is the resolution of VPN routes to the inter-domain color route; level-2 is the resolution of the inder-domain color route to an intra-domain color path, which can be SR policy, Flex-Algo...
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:10:07Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "@Sue, I was referring to the comments about support for different LPM options in CAR. The assertions are all wrong.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:10:12Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "and sue we do the ditto with Kaliraj on incorrect assumptions about CT
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:10:14Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "It may be worthwhile for each set of authors to list their \"bad assumptions about my proposal\" to the list.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:11:00Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "echo is getting bad again
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:11:13Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "@meetecho can something be done about room mic?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:11:30Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Checking
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:12:04Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "+ to Jeff - It would be good to list \"bad\" assumptions of other people.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:12:44Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "it'd certainly permit us to focus on functional behaviors.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:13:10Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "@kaliraj - not sure if I agree on the transport routes
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:13:54Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "I think there's little we can do, the echo is not generated by the room, but by one of the two remote speakers
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:13:58Z"}, {"author": "Aijun Wang", "text": "each proposal should provide some scenarios, to let other proposal to solve
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:14:51Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "Thanks for the idea.  We tried to provide this in the two questions Jeff sent out.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:17:03Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "echo is still very bad, with different speakers
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:17:17Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "@aijun - if you have a scenario, please send it to me. Thanks.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:17:32Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@Kaliraj, it would be helpful if the CT draft clarifies if the scope is only MPLS transport and if not there is text that describes the \"new things\" you mentioned. Otherwise, it may not be a fair apple to apple comparison when questions are being raised on the introduction of encap info into NLRI in the CAR proposal. Do you agree?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:18:29Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "Meetecho, Jeffrey Haas_web_293 echo makes it very hard to hear/understand
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:18:44Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Is Ran or Jeffrey speaking?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:19:22Z"}, {"author": "Bruno Decraene", "text": "Ran speaking
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:19:34Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "Ran.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:19:40Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "I leave mic open but locally muted
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:03Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Is it better now?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:10Z"}, {"author": "Bruno Decraene", "text": "yes
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:15Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "much improved, Meetecho thank you
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:16Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "it is. I wouldn't expect this to help, but will locally keep myself out of feed.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:25Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "sorry for the issues.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:29Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Jeffrey: I think we muted you by accident, apologies for that!
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:34Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "if it helps, that's great!
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:20:48Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Muting you was definitely not intended, sorry :D
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:21:27Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "We decreased the gain from the room
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:21:43Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "In case you have trouble hearing the local participants from remote, please do let us know and we'll revert
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:22:18Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "I suspect that was the real fix.  we should perhaps start discussion on possible ways to mute room mic when there are no speakers.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:22:26Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "for a different list.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:22:30Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "+1 - the sound is much better.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:22:49Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "@keyur, all still good audio wise in room?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:22:51Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "yes
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:22Z"}, {"author": "Peter Hessler", "text": "it sure would be cool if drafts would use RFC5737 addresses in their examples.  squatting on cloudflare address space isn't very cool.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:32Z"}, {"author": "Aijun Wang", "text": "@sue, I am tryting to get the key differences between two proposals. ----The most challenges scenarios should be coming from the authors of each proposal.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:33Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "and the room  mike is already muted ;)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:34Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "The echo canceller usually deals with that automatically, but sometimes an additional tweak to the audio is needed
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:41Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "A clarification question for Ran. Isn't the label considered as non-key for BGP-LU paths ?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:45Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "echo from the local room seems to be happening in every meeting I've remote attended so far. I would appreciate if chairs had the ability to mute it.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:23:49Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "npd: it should be better today than it was yesterday, as we applied several fixes
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:24:09Z"}, {"author": "npd", "text": "thanks
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:25:48Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "We will continue discussion until Meetecho cuts us off.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:26:49Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Susan: we won't cut you off, but there's the Hot Speakers session in your room later
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:27:14Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "*Hot Speaker Series
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:27:29Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "It's supposed to start at 16:45, so you don't have much time before they need to start
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:27:54Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "thanks
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:28:04Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "@Aijun - that is a good idea.  I'll propose that point.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:28:52Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "We'll cut the meeting at 40 minutes after the hour.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:30:16Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "mic is cut at ben
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:34:25Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "that is not true
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:34:49Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "Tarek
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:34:53Z"}, {"author": "Kaliraj Vairavakkalai", "text": "Protocol design should not consider that non-agreeing namespaces (color) is a corner-case scenario. Renumbering and Migrations scenarios are very common. And protocol design should support it.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:35:08Z"}, {"author": "Dhananjaya Rao", "text": "@Tarek, I also dont think the analogy is correct.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:35:36Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@kaliraj, a different way to look at it is to optimize for the common case
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:35:42Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "optimize & simplify
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:35:52Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "apologies for my aggressive mic management.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:36:17Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "epe is a good use case to cover. (for minutes)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:37:06Z"}, {"author": "Tarek Saad", "text": "@DJ: a PCE today can compute e2e path where (e.g. low-latency is identified with ALGO-ID=128 in domain1 and ALGO-ID=129 in domain2) - The PCE can rely on FAD for this, and this works today without mandating 128 is in each IGP domain means same
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:37:09Z"}, {"author": "Susan Hares", "text": "thank you Ben.
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:04Z"}, {"author": "Srihari Sangli", "text": "thank you Ben!
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:11Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "@Tarek not sure why you are bringing up FlexAlgo which is specific to an IGP domain into BGP? :-) ... apples and oranges?
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:15Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "Thank you all :)
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:21Z"}, {"author": "Peter Hessler", "text": "thanks all!
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:29Z"}, {"author": "Tarek Saad", "text": "@Ketan: I am bringing up interdomain path
", "time": "2022-03-22T15:38:49Z"}]