[{"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "My connectivity is crap, so I'm going to keep my video off.
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:39:31Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "do you hear magnus?
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:41:57Z"}, {"author": "Chris Lemmons", "text": "Remote folks didn't hear any of that.
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:02Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "working on it
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:07Z"}, {"author": "Chris Lemmons", "text": "I can hear magnus, but not the room.
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:13Z"}, {"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "Meetecho, I don't hear the speaker
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:14Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "we did hear magnus when he started speaking
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:18Z"}, {"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "Yes, it just cut out mid-sentence
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:32Z"}, {"author": "Chris Lemmons", "text": "I hear Magnus.
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:37Z"}, {"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "Good now
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:39Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "mic swapped
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:43Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "Likely a mic almost out of battery, we'll notify the AV team
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:42:48Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "Warren is helping himself to new batteries at the back of the room
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:43:11Z"}, {"author": "Kiran Makhijani", "text": "how to join remote?
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:49:16Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "@kiran -- it is in the IETF agenda
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:49:43Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "so, meetecho
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:50:30Z"}, {"author": "\u00c9ric Vyncke", "text": "https://wws.conf.meetecho.com/conference/?group=mops
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:50:56Z"}, {"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "It's called \"video stream\" in the agenda
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:52:21Z"}, {"author": "Meetecho", "text": "The small webcam icon
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:52:40Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "@glenn - could you drop a pointer here to the stuff on streaming media aliance
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:52:42Z"}, {"author": "\u00c9ric Vyncke", "text": "streaming video alliance I guess
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:53:37Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "@Saunjay - the drafts going in to MoQ (there were in Magnus's slides) are
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:55:13Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "(sorry for name typo - I don't see how to edit so my apologies )
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:56:15Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "Leslie: I'm kind of kidding, but the combination of notetakers are transcribing everything that's on the slides and everything that's said - we don't actually need that.
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:56:32Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "do wek?
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:56:46Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "No need to transcribe slides.  
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:57:16Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "Just capture major points of discussion.  
", "time": "2022-03-21T13:57:26Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "This is great slides comparing Dash & WebRTC. This slide should be labeled \"why we need the MoQ bof\" :-)
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:06:07Z"}, {"author": "\u00c9ric Vyncke", "text": ":rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:06:37Z"}, {"author": "Ali Begen", "text": "you should definitely look at the report and provide feedback.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:09:03Z"}, {"author": "Ali Begen", "text": "while at it, also complete the survey at the very bottom: https://dashif.org/webRTC/#documents
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:10:02Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "I'm going to be at the mike a lot. Please don't rely on me taking notes for that.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:17:58Z"}, {"author": "Glenn Deen", "text": "www.streamingvideoalliance.org is the SVA pointer.  Once there see the section technical work for the things I mentioned.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:18:07Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "@Glen, is there source for that quic reference testing framework?
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:18:39Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "maybe I'm looking in the wrong place but I didn't see an easily findable link
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:19:04Z"}, {"author": "Glenn Deen", "text": "It will be when it's published.   the QUIC testing ref is under development and not published yet.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:19:21Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "ah, ok.  thanks.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:19:33Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "not doing it in the open and accepting mit-licensed contributions or anything?
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:20:07Z"}, {"author": "Glenn Deen", "text": "the group does plan on publishing milestones and is currently working on a new doc which lays out the test cases.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:20:13Z"}, {"author": "Glenn Deen", "text": "@jake - no licensing is needed to use the quic stuff we'll publish and it will be published publicly for all.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:21:11Z"}, {"author": "Glenn Deen", "text": "there may be some particular products identified if no OSS version is avail.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:21:52Z"}, {"author": "Suhas Nandakumar", "text": "Compute Aware Networking BOF might be worth a look for edge computing work ?
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:30:08Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "Suhas - maybe say that at the mike?
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:31:02Z"}, {"author": "Leslie Daigle", "text": "CAN BOF is tuesday -- spencer's memory beats mine :->
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:33:49Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "+1 spencer, I tend to agree I think.  I also sent a message to the list about it.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:44:48Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "(after the start of the meeting, I think)
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:45:34Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "So love to see us do something, anything, remotely like a living doc. Just do something ....
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:50:36Z"}, {"author": "Cullen Jennings", "text": "Latency is the enemy of immersive experiences
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:52:01Z"}, {"author": "Kyle Rose", "text": "Clap clap
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:53:44Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "I thought there were a few existing examples (e.g. the tao), and I'm taking this to understand there's no way to have this scale to a proper owner like the tao does?
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:53:53Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc6722
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:54:31Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "but I thought there were a few others, like maybe a link to trac somewhere or something?  Maybe that's mistaken
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:55:27Z"}, {"author": "Jake Holland", "text": "maybe this is another living document need.
", "time": "2022-03-21T14:58:35Z"}]