[{"author": "Bruno Decraene", "text": "

Acee's voice has been fine for me.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:01:14Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

@Aseem Choudhary you are muted in meetecho

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:07:20Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

Aseem, meetecho shows that you have clicked share video, but not audio. click the mic icon.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:08:57Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

(in meetecho)

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:09:23Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

@assem did you click on the mic icon the very last on the top bar on the left?

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:09:24Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

test(to see can I send text in chatbox)

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:13:53Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

@cheng - yes, you can

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:14:29Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

seems 10s delay, oh no!

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:16:07Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

Try using zulip app directly

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:16:32Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "


", "time": "2022-07-28T14:17:10Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

Acee's voice is breaking for me .. not sure it is just me.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:27:41Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

The audio is fine.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:27:59Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

fine for me

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:28:07Z"}, {"author": "Yingzhen Qu", "text": "

it's ok in the room

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:28:07Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

@Acee Lindem please consider disabling video so your audio stream stays clean - its dropping frames every few seconds

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:28:17Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

but over 10s delay of sending the text, OMG

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:28:35Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

I was hearing Linda just fine. There are frame drops every few 10s of seconds.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:29:25Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@Cheng +1

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:29:49Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Ketan Talaulikar said:


I was hearing Linda just fine. There are frame drops every few 10s of seconds.


Same here.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:30:02Z"}, {"author": "Boris Khasanov", "text": "

+1, same issue

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:30:17Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

i am remote. video and audio both have sufficiently high drop variance that it is pretty unusable.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:30:38Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "


", "time": "2022-07-28T14:30:52Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

yingzhen says net in room bad

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:31:20Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

s/Druv/Dhruv :)

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:31:59Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

seems to have stabilised a bit now in the room now

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:32:21Z"}, {"author": "Yingzhen Qu", "text": "

I can see my own video freezes. but Acee's video looks ok to me

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:32:54Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

audio got a bit better, video is still pretty bad

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:33:40Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Lost audio

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:33:52Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

audio and video ok for me.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:34:09Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "


", "time": "2022-07-28T14:34:09Z"}, {"author": "Les Ginsberg", "text": "

audio very bad and delayed

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:34:20Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

audio is lost even I turn off all video streams.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:34:29Z"}, {"author": "Zheng Zhang", "text": "

audio and vedio both breaking up

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:34:51Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

suddenly working well.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:36:02Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

Test msg ... to see if this makes through.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:36:25Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

unstable at all.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:36:32Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

lost audio

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:36:40Z"}, {"author": "Alvaro Retana", "text": "

@Jeff Tantsura : Do you have audio back? We have sound here in the room.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:40:19Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

i have audio and slides. video freezing on and off.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:40:52Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

audio is ok in the room - although the auto gain control on speakers mic appears to be over aggressive

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:41:05Z"}, {"author": "Alvaro Retana", "text": "

@meetecho: Can you please take a look? We have multiple reports of issues. Thanks!

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:42:08Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

@Alvaro Retana yes we're aware and we're investigating

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:42:27Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

@Alvaro - pretty bad quality

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:43:35Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

i hear jen clearly. see slides. video of chair and room freeze, crumble, ...

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:45:21Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

This draft again hits on the known architectural deficiency of a single locator for multi-homed sites. Been there, done this, rejected fixing it.

", "time": "2022-07-28T14:53:23Z"}, {"author": "Eduard V", "text": "

@Tony, only 1 problem is left to resolve MHMP: choose the source address before the next-hop (current practice). We have a draft about it. Everything else is resolved in RFC 8028.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:04:11Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Ummm.... What happens when your first hop router is not the topological separation between providers?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:12:05Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Architecturally, you want the source locator to be a late binding decision, not performed by the source, but by the exit router.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:16:45Z"}, {"author": "Antoine Fressancourt", "text": "

Can we find the Kathara research paper without a paywall somewhere ?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:18:31Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Not seeing slides.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:20:35Z"}, {"author": "Nitsan Dolev Elfassy", "text": "

The slides are not seen

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:20:35Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

slides works for me

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:20:52Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Dhruv Dhody said:


slides works for me


WFM as well....

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:16Z"}, {"author": "Boris Khasanov", "text": "

cannot see too

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:21Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

works for me

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:32Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

WFM too

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:38Z"}, {"author": "Italo Busi", "text": "

I can see the slides

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:40Z"}, {"author": "Severin Dellsperger", "text": "

+1 WFM

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:47Z"}, {"author": "Eduard V", "text": "

@Tony, I am not against some shim or LISP or any other separation of topology ID against Client ID. But it is possible to fix the current normal IPv6 with PA addresses: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-vv-6man-nd-support-mhmp-00

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:55Z"}, {"author": "Shunwan Zhuang", "text": "

slides work for me

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:21:57Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

fwiw, I regularly have to shut off my work vpn to get slide share to work fine.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:22:35Z"}, {"author": "Mariano Scazzariello", "text": "

HI Antoine, if you contact us through our emails, we're super happy to share the PDFs of the Kathara paper :)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:22:49Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

VPN is off. That also blocks audio and video. Still no slides.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:23:39Z"}, {"author": "Eduard V", "text": "

video and audio are fine for me. I am in VPN.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:24:20Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Slides are now working. Go figure.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:25:09Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

everything froze again

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:27:02Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

why the connection is unstable this meeting? or we are always like this? I remember the past meeting felt good. Not so long delay.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:27:53Z"}, {"author": "Feng Yang", "text": "

Fine for me

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:28:34Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

The network even on wifi seems to have hiccups ocasionally.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:28:52Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

We're investigating some routing issues with the NOC that this morning have impacted a few people, which includes the delays sending messages. I'll update when I know more

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:30:12Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Dogfood it is then. :-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:30:34Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

Not a routing issue in the IETF network

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:31:22Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Still, we're hoist by our own petard. :-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:31:47Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

no, we do have many routing issues in the IETF network, that's the reason we have IETF, LOL. just Joke

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:32:28Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Loa asks why this topic was in RTGWG.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:34:41Z"}, {"author": "Xuesong Geng", "text": "

@Loa, because lots of previous protection/reliability work has been done in rtgwg, for example TI-LFA

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:39:06Z"}, {"author": "Xuesong Geng", "text": "

Authors also have discussed the home of this document with chairs of RTGWG and SPRING, and the conclusion is to maintain in RTGWG. It has also been presented in SPRING.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:40:50Z"}, {"author": "Yingzhen Qu", "text": "

FRR/protection is the scope of RTGWG. of course these ideas should be socialized with SPRING

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:40:57Z"}, {"author": "Xuesong Geng", "text": "

So we think the home will not be a problem

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:41:03Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

Flag in the SRH TLV would also need 6man

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:41:34Z"}, {"author": "Yingzhen Qu", "text": "

@Dhruv, yes

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:43:06Z"}, {"author": "Randy Bush", "text": "

telcos want diff servs because they want to underprovision

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:45:30Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

I only heard Thank you, what a good filter.... LOL

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:47:22Z"}, {"author": "Dan Voyer", "text": "

underprovision from a capacity view point ?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:47:33Z"}, {"author": "Dan Voyer", "text": "

underprovision from a capacity view point ?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:48:07Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

Dan Voyer said:


underprovision from a capacity view point ?


to be able to upsell \"premium\" later yes

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:48:11Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

If you underprovision, you end up dropping best effort traffic, which costs you revenue and you fail. Bzzt.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:48:18Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

thats my understanding, easier to do in markets with limited competition

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:50:14Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Lost everything.

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:56:05Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

lost everything

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:56:43Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

Must have shifted to satellite for transit. :-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:57:17Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Tony Li said:


Lost everything.


Still working on my side. Time to subscribe to the premium option? ;-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:57:22Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

My connectivity was solid. :-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:57:50Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

To update from before, looks like there's peering issues over the Atlantic related to a specific provider, and that's what causing issues to some people. Still waiting to learn more

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:58:23Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

is it the windy provider by any chance?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:58:53Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

Myself and Tony are in CA

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:58:55Z"}, {"author": "Cheng Li", "text": "

who is speaking?

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:59:08Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

The servers are in Europe

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:59:14Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

And my ISP is Philadelphia based. :-)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:59:15Z"}, {"author": "Jeff Tantsura", "text": "

mine too :)

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:59:38Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Cheng Li said:


who is speaking?


Dino Farinacci vs. the authors

", "time": "2022-07-28T15:59:47Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

@Tony Li / @Jeff Tantsura you are all being aggregated at the server level no peer to peer connections to the room in Philly

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:00:28Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Lorenzo Miniero said:


The servers are in Europe


Which suggests the issue is on the way back from Europe to North America...

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:01:33Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

Also perhaps on the way from NA to Europe as I am in India and facing similar issues (though not as bad as others are reporting).

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:02:32Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

That seems a reasonable assumption but I don't know more

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:03:22Z"}, {"author": "Dhruv Dhody", "text": "

For what its worth, no issues here in India (but different city from Ketan)

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:03:31Z"}, {"author": "Anthony Somerset", "text": "

Meeting chairs we are over time now

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:03:32Z"}, {"author": "Dino Farinacci", "text": "

LISP already solves these use-cases, see draft-ietf-lisp-rfc6833bis and draft-ietf-lisp-te

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:04:19Z"}, {"author": "Italo Busi", "text": "

no issues from Italy

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:04:27Z"}, {"author": "Dino Farinacci", "text": "

and there is no source-route packet overhead

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:04:47Z"}, {"author": "Dino Farinacci", "text": "

the source-route for lisp-te is in the control-plane

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:05:02Z"}, {"author": "Julien Meuric", "text": "

Italo Busi said:


no issues from Italy


You may be sitting on the servers. :wink:

", "time": "2022-07-28T16:05:07Z"}, {"author": "Boris Khasanov", "text": "


", "time": "2022-07-28T16:05:51Z"}]