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mcr: I'm watching the jabber, if meetecho doesn't work for you.

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mcr: https://notes.ietf.org/notes-ietf-115-elegy?edit

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Being a bad person who is not up to date on the list traffic: Do we have current stats on who would qualify under path 3 but not one of the others?

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mcr: Pete, there is a link in Robert's slides. Go to the notes, and there is a link.

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mcr: https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/eligibility-discuss/Z3wWpCXGOxIJyPXLJBllYOdhTRE/

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mcr: https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/eligibility-discuss/wK0_Em1Nu4cGeAx-P8O6o6TgirI/

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I like square Venn diagrams.

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fee waivers make takeovers easier/cheaper, but are not enabling. a dedicated company can throw money at it

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I have thoughts on \"NomCom quality\" that's tangentially related to this. Hold it until later?

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Disruptive is more of an issue than persuasive.

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In response to Donald, I will say that the restrictions on travel have been very unevenly distributed on the Globe. Someone in a territory which requires extensive quarantine has effectively been excluded much longer than someone from other territories.

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Building on Robert's comment, if one excludes all-remote active participants, the Nomcom becomes significantly less representative of the community.

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John, do you want to say that on mic?

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If you think it would be helpful, but Pete has just covered my key point

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Those of us from Illinois, US have some experience with dead participants of certain organizations (h/t Eliot)

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+1 to Martin's ambivalence

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Dean, you have misunderstood the question

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In reality, if some WG chair starts appointing a different secretary every day, and the AD does not intervene in that situation, we probably have other, more serious problems.

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