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IETF 115 TVR BoF Minutes

Version: Nov 10, 2022

Thursday, November 10, 2022

09:30 - 11:30 Thursday Session I (London local time, UTC+0)
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1) 09:30 10min Session Intro

Presenter: Chairs and AD

2) 09:40 ~15min Time Variant Routing Problem Statement

Presenter: Rick Taylor


Start time - 9:36

**See: Constructing Maximal Dynamic Flows from Static Flows, Ford

*Russ (chat): this does cover dynamic topology cases; service
reachability is the issue, not the specific path to reach that service

*Scott Johnson (chat): The concept of neighbor discovery needs to be


3) 09:55 ~15min Use Cases

Presenter: Ed Birrane


Start time - 10:05
All questions deferred to item 3.3.

3.1) 10:00 ~15min Topology Management Challenges for Satellite Constellations

Presenter: Dan King

Start time - 10:21
All questions deferred to item 3.3,

3.2) 10:35 ~15min Carbon-Aware Networking Use Case

Presenter: Eve Schooler

Start time - 10:33
All questions deferred to item 3.3.

3.3) Discussion of all three use cases presentations.

4) 10:55 ~15min Technology Gaps / Potential WG Topics

Presenter: Rick Taylor

Start time - 10:55

6) 11:10 10min Open Discussion

Based on the chat dialog, there is some difference of opinion on whether
multicast and multi-path should be in vs out of scope.

Start time - 11:11



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Polls - Room had 134 people, according to MeetEcho.

  1. Are you interested in seeing this problem being worked on in the
    IETF? (Raise hand for yes)
    Raise hand : 74 / 94%
    Don't raise hand : 5 / 6%
    More than half the room have raised hands for Yes.

  2. Do you think a new Routing WG is needed to work this problem? (Raise
    hand for yes)
    [Note: may be other WGs in other Areas]
    Raise hand : 64 / 74%
    Don't raise hand : 22 / 26%
    Good percentage of folks responding, with majority saying yes.
    Some question about whether it should be in Routing, or in multiple

  3. Are you willing to contribute as an author or reviewer if a new WG
    is formed? (Raise hand for yes)
    Raise hand : 65 /86%
    Don't raise hand : 11 /14%

7) 11:20 10min Wrap Up / Summary / Next Steps

Presenter: (Chairs, AD, IAB Shepherd)

Meeting ended - 11.33

==> There is very substantial discussion in the Zulip chat alongside
this meeting. Readers of these minutes should also read that chat.

Adjourn 11:30