IETF 115 WISH Notes

WHIP slides

Sergio presenting change from WISH 04 to 05

No objections to publish 06 right after the meeting and have a WGLC
going until early December to accommodate for holidays.

Sergio presenting WHEP draft & discussion about re-charter.

DISPATCH said the WISH WG should decide by itself if they want to

Adam: there is interest in the industry and supports the WHEP effort

Jonathan: supporting seems worth it for outside of browser
implementation. But concerns regarding feature creep.

Harald: support a simple spec for a small problem

Tim: in support

Varun (via chat): also in support

Piers: concerns around DASH and all its features and how that influences
WHEP work

WHEP slides

Should offer and answers roles also be supported to be reversed?

Tim: not in support for switching offer/answer roles suggests to utilize
data channel for further renegotiations

Harald: Limit scope. Don't support all DASH feature in WHEP


The WG discussed and there were no objections to rechartering.

Chairs will create a new repo and then we can start editing a revised
charter once WGLC completes for -whip.