IPv6 Operations (v6ops) - IETF 116 Agenda

Mon. 9:30-11:30, 3rd floor G302

Meetecho link: https://meetecho.ietf.org/conference/?group=v6ops


Chairs¡¯ Opening, 5m

WG Drafts

Framework of Multi-domain IPv6-only Underlay Networks and IPv4 as a Service, Chongfeng Xie, 10m

464XLAT/MAT-T Optimization, Jordi Palet Martinez, 10m

Individual Drafts

IPv6 CE Routers LAN Prefix Delegation, Tim Winters, 10m

Deep Dive into IPv6 Extension Header Testing: Behind a CDN, Nalini Elkins, 10m

Using DHCP-PD to Allocate /64 per Host in Broadcast Networks, Jen Linkova, 20m

IPv6 Site connection to many Carriers, Nick Buraglio, 10m

IPv6 only iterative resolver utilising NAT64, Momoka Yamamoto, 10m

Operational Presentation

IPv6 and Load Balancer Integration for Data Centers, Rei Shimizu from LINE Japan, 30m