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starting the topic

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:04:56Z"}, {"author": "Eric Kinnear", "text": "

If anyone has comments you'd like read at the mic, please prefix with mic:

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agree w Matt reg fairness

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:19:54Z"}, {"author": "Christian Huitema", "text": "

Hell yes we should address bufferbloat!

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:21:13Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "

I could reasonably suggest that the editors ask Mark if he's happy to be listed in the ACKs. No response to that question is also information.

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:21:25Z"}, {"author": "Christian Huitema", "text": "

There is also the little details that QUIC implementations do not in practice use Reno as specified in 9002. Many use Cubic or BBR.

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:30:06Z"}, {"author": "Christian Huitema", "text": "

We have a long list of documents, so let's write a few more...

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:45:29Z"}, {"author": "Lucas Pardue", "text": "

Can just turn CC into a pseudo-acronym that doesn't mean anything literal

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:46:11Z"}, {"author": "Lucas Pardue", "text": "

or backronym it to choo-choo

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:46:37Z"}, {"author": "Reese Enghardt", "text": "

I am not excited about the idea of more bikeshedding about names... :)

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:48:38Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "

Reese Enghardt said:


I am not excited about the idea of more bikeshedding about names... :)



", "time": "2023-07-25T22:50:23Z"}, {"author": "Christian Huitema", "text": "

Wonder whether BBRv3 considred exiting startup on RTT signals

", "time": "2023-07-25T22:58:02Z"}, {"author": "Roland Bless", "text": "

What about RTT fairness? I guess that flows with larger RTT will still get a larger share...

", "time": "2023-07-25T23:06:34Z"}, {"author": "Greg Mirsky", "text": "

Faster reaction might cause a drawback and make the network less stable.

", "time": "2023-07-25T23:27:47Z"}, {"author": "Rui Miao", "text": "

To answer the first question, the telemetry information is only carried with sender and receiver with AIMD/MIMD principle, and thus it doesn't require global consensus to converge quickly

", "time": "2023-07-25T23:29:07Z"}, {"author": "Rui Miao", "text": "

To Greg, as long as the reaction is carried on at most once per round trip time, the network can be proofed to be stable.

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