IPv6 Operations (v6ops) - IETF 118 Agenda

Tue. 13:00 - 15:00, Congress Hall 2

Meetecho link: https://meetecho.ietf.org/client/?group=v6ops


Chairs Opening, 5m

WG Drafts

Expanding the IPv6 Documentation Space, Geoff Huston, 10m

Individual Drafts

Use of IPREF as a tool for transitioning to IPv6, Waldemar Augustyn, 15m

Happy Eyeballs v3, Tommy Pauly, 15m

Scalability of IPv6 Transition Technologies for IPv4aaS, Gabor Lencse, 10m

IPv6 CE Routers LAN Prefix Delegation, Tim Winters, 10m

Extending the Network - Host Requirements, Ole Trøan, 15m

Operational Presentation: Issues with Happy Eyeballs in various OSs, Nalini Elkins, 15m

Operational Presentation: IPv6-mostly Enterprise Network - a Google Deployment Experience, Jen Linkova, 20m (for more info please attend the side meeting on Thur.