[{"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

Hello everyone!

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:30:20Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

Awaiting chair(s).

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:32:24Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

Nils are you running the show remotely?

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:32:46Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

You're a chair!

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:33:42Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

I emailed Sean, no reply yet.

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:34:00Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

Were you going to talk about charter update?

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:37:46Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

This is the proposed new charter:



", "time": "2023-11-07T14:39:07Z"}, {"author": "Sergio Garcia Murillo", "text": "


", "time": "2023-11-07T14:41:30Z"}, {"author": "Mike English", "text": "

Would it be helpful to have more folks helping contributing text in response to feedback? Or hard to coordinate at this point?

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:41:37Z"}, {"author": "Sergio Garcia Murillo", "text": "

yes and yes.. :)

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:42:07Z"}, {"author": "Mike English", "text": "


", "time": "2023-11-07T14:42:27Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

I support Sean's strategy.

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:46:50Z"}, {"author": "Murray Kucherawy", "text": "

Successful PATCH requests to WHIP sessions MUST return an updated ETag if and only if they trigger a restart.

", "time": "2023-11-07T14:49:07Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

Sean, you can pass control by clicking Dapeng's avatar in the participants list, which will show a button to do that

", "time": "2023-11-07T15:02:04Z"}, {"author": "Sean Turner", "text": "

@lorenzo - thanks I knew we could do this. I should have taken the training ;)

", "time": "2023-11-07T15:03:55Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

No worries! The UI changed this time, so it confused a lot of people :D

", "time": "2023-11-07T15:04:40Z"}, {"author": "altanai", "text": "

Is merging analogous to multiplexing (media plane) in this draft ? or is it limited to control plane only like for example SDP manipulation ?

", "time": "2023-11-07T15:19:39Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

Unfortunately I've been busy so I only half followed this presentation: I plan to watch the recording later this week to have an opinion on it!

", "time": "2023-11-07T15:29:34Z"}]