IETF118 BIER Working Group Meeting Notes

00, WG status, Chairs, 10 minutes
Some WG drafts need shepherd.
Welcome volunteers.

01, BIER OAM updates
Speaker: Gregory Mirsky
Time: 10 minutes
OAM requirements, BIER BFD needs shepherd.
BIER Ping is ready for WGLC.

02, P4 Tofino implementation experiences with advanced stateless
multicast source routing
Speaker: Michael Menth / Steffen Lindner
Time : 20 minutes

Tony: think also about just solving the few receivers on large set
without controlling the replication points
Greg: or you can control the replicaton points via overlay tunnels
Toerless: but we have the case of IPTV which is large amount of leaves
at the end and hence the replication point plays a role

03, BIER prefix redistribute (draft-ietf-bier-prefix-redistribute-05)
Speaker: Sandy Zhang
Time: 5 minutes

Tony: already been last called, Huaimo shepherds

04, BIER Redundant Ingress Router Failover
Speaker: Yisong Liu
Time: 5 minutes

Hooman: looks to me like UMH
Sandy: just informational and documents BIER rather than mboned
Mana: is the use case even valid? simplify instead copying normal
Jeffrey: tons drafts flying on source redundancy, also in evpn
Tony: don't fight for single solution, single is better but start open
minded through options

05, Generic Multicast Router Election on LAN's
Speaker: IJsbrand Wijnands / Stig Venaas
Time: 10 minutes

Hoopman: this should work for all diferent multicast technologies
Mana: Needed. Why is IGMP good here
David: multicast router discovery rfc? rfc4286
Nils: need to be solved.

Adoption to be taken to the list

06, BIER Hackathon process
Speaker: Jeffrey Zhang
Time: 5 minutes

Sandy: next hackathon?
Jeffrey: yeah, but EANTC more interesting
Nils: all good
Andrew: do we shut the working group?
Toerless: there is open source

07, BIER-TE related draft updates:
OSPF Extensions for BIER-TE (draft-ietf-bier-te-ospf,
BIER-TE for Broadcast Link (draft-chen-bier-te-lan)
Speaker: Huaimo Chen
Time: 15 minutes

Andrew: to LSR per review, Tony takes up
Tony: call for adoption
Sandy: BIFT announcement not added to draft
Huaimo: I just added it
Sandy: DNC flags together can deteriorate behavior so it's only
applicable to resolve certain situations for duplication
Huaimo: resolves only for broadcast

08, BIER uloop (draft-liu-bier-uloop-03)
Speaker: Changwang Lin / Yuanxiang Qiu
Time: 10 minutes

Toerless: not a real loop, just drops the packet sending down, the bit
will be extuinguished
Jeffrey: bits are cleared
Greg: if endnodes are still set, it will not be extuinguished
Tony: not really BIER needed, just compute SR directly and use those
Greg: convergence is constant compared to normal multicast due to
layering instead of mashing into application
Jeffrey: so can loop if you have multiple BFERs