Human Rights Protocol Considerations (hrpc) research group, IRTF, IETF 118

Welcome and Introduction: Intro and Note Well - 10 min

Talk: Internet connectivity in Gaza - Ahmad Alsadeh, ISOC Palestine - 30 min

No questions/discussion.

Talk: Tech standards and human rights - OHCHR - 30 min

(No slides) Link to the report presented:

OHCHR plans to hire an additional staff member.

Our analysis applies to all SDOs; we make a distinction for legal

There would be opposition to OHCHR being able to determine where you can
go for standardization.

There hasn't been. It's a question of how things play out in practice.

hrpc and many individuals have done great work. It would be great to see
this approach adopted more widely within the community.

Talk: Tech-assisted gender-based violence - Stephanie Mikkelson, UNFPA - 30 min

This is very high-level ideas and principles that we can apply
throughout our work. How do you handle consent and privacy?

(See also: the draft on intimate-partner violence and compare to
analyzing censorship techniques in terms of low-level network access,

We've worked with the special rapporteur on the freedom of expression.

Engaging survivors in a safe and ethical way is our space. Participatory
and inclusive doesn't mean going to your local hotline or someone you
know. One in three women is a survivor of gender-based violence. We have
ethical guidelines that speak specifically to how to do this.

We're doing monitoring for the framework

(Help desks and hotlines are increasingly being embedded within shelters
to share this knowledge for serving end users.)

Updates (5 minutes each)