Tuesday 2023-11-07 09:30 CET (08:30 UTC)

Intro and notewell 5 min


In WG Last Call: (5 min total)

ACTION: Bron to submit jmap-sieve document to IESG

ACTION: Bron to complete jmap-sharing WGLC

ACTION: Jim/Bron to do WGLC on JMAP Calendars/Contacts

Existing drafts:

NEXT STEPS: needs more work

ACTION: Alexey to produce new version of jmap-smime-sender

ACTIONS: Joris to talk with Neil re jmap-tasks and publish new by next

Other work:

ACTION: Bron will do 3 calls for adoption for jmap-* documents

JMAP AOB - 5 min

ACTION: Hans-Joerg will publish a draft for JMAP Archive for adoption

JMAP Milestone Review - 5 min

Friends of Email Dinner


Agenda Bashing

Rechartering: 10 min

ACTION: Bron on Murray to work on proposed EXTRA/MAILMAN charter.

In Last Call:

ACTION: Arnt publish a new draft imap-jmapaccess with security
considerations re-added

Existing drafts:

ACTION: Bron to WGLC imap-uidonly

ACTION: Ken to revise sieve-processcalendar
ACTION: All to review sieve-processcalendar

ACTION: Bron to WGLC imap-list-metadata

ACTION: let WGLC finish - update draft if needed.

ACTION: Bron to WGLC imap-messagelimit

Other work:

ACTION: lunch discussion then Arnt to email list regarding imap-utf8-bis

ACTION: Arnt to discuss sasl-passkeys in KITTEN.

we ran out of time; Murray unsure if in charter

ACTION: Bron to follow up with Ben and help him find a home for this

ACTION: Wait for recharter to see if in scope.

EXTRA AOB - 5 min

EAI dicussion lunch - meet at rego desk 11:45.

EXTRA Milestone Review - 5 min

we ran out of time, this was not done during the meeting.