IETF 118 RTGWG Minutes

Jeff Tantsura (
Yingzhen Qu (

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9:30-11:30 - Tuesday Session I, November 7, 2023

Meeting Administrivia and WG Update
Chairs (10 mins)

Discussion of draft-ietf-rtgwg-segment-routing-ti-lfa
Stewart Byrant (15 mins)

Multi-segment SD-WAN via Cloud DCs
Linda Dunbar (5 mins)

Security Considerations for Tenant ID and Similar Fields

Donald Eastlake (10 mins)

Problem Statement, Use Cases, and Requirements of Hierarchical SFC
with Segment Routing

Kangkang Ni. (10 mins)

Reliability Framework for SRv6 Service Function Chaining

Feng Yang / Changwang Lin (10 mins)

Kademlia-directed ID-based Routing Architecture (KIRA)
Roland Bless (10 mins)

Service ID for Addressing and Networking
Daniel Huang (10 mins)

Reliability in AI Networks Gap Analysis, Problem Statement, and

Chengweiqiang / Changwang Lin (10 mins)

Coordinated Congestion Management
Yunping(Lily) Lyu (15 mins)