TCPM meeting, IETF-118, Prague
Monday, November 6, 2023 15:30-17:00
3 Chairs
Notetaker: Gorry Fairhurst

  1. WG Status updates including rechartering

Document status was reviewed by the Chairs.
Accurate ECN is being advanced to the AD - there are additional comments
to be provided by M Kojo and their may be last comments that might need
to be taken into account before the document is progressed. The chairs
will work with the AD.

Generalized ECN is near WGLC.

The new proposed charter was discussed. The group discussed where CC
work would land, and this would normally be in CCWG. Other topics could
still need liaison between groups.

  1. Working Group Items

Michael Tuexen: There is intention to restart the work on SCTP with ECN.
The draft has been revived, but the content has not yet been updated.
Bob: Then ought I to not comment this old ID?
Michael: Yes.
Gorry: As TSVWG Chair: I think you can still refer to the SCTP base
spec as not defining ECN and say there is work-in-progress on ECN for

Martin Duke: Is Marku's comment about just this?
Chairs: It is about ACKs of ACKs. He has promised new text.
Martin: I will wait 24 hours.

Reviewers: Gorry (must review as WG responsible for ECN); Mirja will
review; Bob will look for others.

  1. Other Items