vCon "Bof"

JDR Requirements

Two flows:

Meta Data Fields:

Emergency Call vCON Use Case - Brian Rosen

Emergency Calls are Citizen to Authority

IETF ecrit defined standards for emergency calls, routing of call based
on location.

Participants in an emergency call

3 most important things about emergency calls:location

Location is used to get to the right PSAP and responder

Start of the call



JDR: What is the unique ID requirement and what is the lifecycle?
BR: We do it after the fact, but it depends on the actual use case.
JDR: Wouldn't you want to keep this?
BR: Depends when you make the vCon


Operations on Conversation Data

JDR: Name the examples of where this goes between vendors
BR: First, vendor lock-in. Secondly, in nextgen 911 vcons are sent
during the incident.
JDR: Also interesting in the failure network configuring use cases.

Rohan Mahy, vCon for MIMI IM

Three Use Cases

New elements
From the MIMI content draft

Content format for MIMI does not have these fields, so have to do that.

RM: If they wanted to take this



A few things we added:

GAP analysis, of use cases and requirements IDs
Object signatures, how many variations of the same thing are we signing

Give vCon a try


JDR: Lots of metadata. We should have a baseline format, with super
common stuff
Cody: We are using vCons ourselves, looking at the extensions
Cullen: We need an abstraction layer to define a core functional layer
Brian: Maybe we actually want two layers, one well known, then one that
varies per application.