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@meetecho please pivot speakers cam to presenter

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:37:32Z"}, {"author": "Christian Ams\u00fcss", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T05:37:52Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

I am sad tobias is not here in person

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:46:55Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

this should have been called: x5c with cwt

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:50:03Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

orie, that is triggering to me

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:50:47Z"}, {"author": "David Waite", "text": "

just x5cwt

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:51:08Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

its supposed to trigger everyone who likes certificates... apparently

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:51:09Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T05:51:29Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

i am concerned about the privacy rights that could arise from a bag of CWTs

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:54:36Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

Could you elaborate Mike?

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:55:21Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

pretty sure he is trolling

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:55:32Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

completely trolling

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:55:45Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T05:55:48Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

:face_palm:\u200d\u2642\ufe0f I don't get the context when remote. I hate remote.

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:56:18Z"}, {"author": "John Preu\u00df Mattsson", "text": "

t and u are quite small

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:56:30Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T05:56:37Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

it was a reference to the SPICE BoF that Hannes just survived

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:56:52Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

Sounds like I missed out on quite an exciting BoF

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:57:27Z"}, {"author": "Matthew Gillmore", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T05:58:12Z"}, {"author": "John Preu\u00df Mattsson", "text": "

Good to mention that there is already kcwt that can transport a single CWT.

", "time": "2024-03-19T05:58:52Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "", "time": "2024-03-19T05:58:56Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

embedding JWT in CWT is... unfortunate.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:04:59Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T06:06:02Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

there can be only 1 format.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:07:12Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

x509 forever.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:07:18Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T06:07:30Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

+1 to allowing things to be small

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:08:04Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

The document I mentioned at the mic:





", "time": "2024-03-19T06:10:58Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

in their case, they are still using certs, but perhaps a chat would be helpful anyway.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:11:35Z"}, {"author": "Matthew Gillmore", "text": "

A well understood dispatch with common semantic understanding would be appreciated

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:11:51Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

Thanks Orie!

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:12:36Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

Nice Teleport @Mike!

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:13:22Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

and we're using MT's I-D Template!

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:14:36Z"}, {"author": "Brendan Moran", "text": "

Falcon would be valuable for SUIT--provided that NIST standardises

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:15:21Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

would be nice to have something from NIST that is small.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:15:55Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

early allocation?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:16:28Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

of code points?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:16:33Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

maybe private space test vectors is better path.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:19:00Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Just use a ridiculously large number...

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:21:08Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

(out of the private space)

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:21:19Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

+1 carsten

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:22:02Z"}, {"author": "Henk Birkholz", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T06:27:52Z"}, {"author": "Henk Birkholz", "text": "

I'll allow it

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:28:50Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

mental note: mention EDN <<..>>

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:30:54Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

henk are you in two places at once again

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:31:00Z"}, {"author": "Henk Birkholz", "text": "

Hehe, yes

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:31:18Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I would like to have a python implementation or a way to run the RUST code in python.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:45:11Z"}, {"author": "G\u00f6ran Selander", "text": "

Can we have an indication from the WG about how to proceed?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:46:04Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

I read the room to be in favor of progressing, but that's for the chairs to diagnose

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:47:22Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I need code that I can run to test bi-direction X509 <-> c509. Then I can see what my various DRIP certs act as in c509 format.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:47:39Z"}, {"author": "Ivaylo Petrov", "text": "

Goran, is checking this on the ML good enough or should we try to vote during AOB section?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:47:42Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Robert: You can run the Rust code from the command line IIRC

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:48:35Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Getting a quick sense of the room is expedient

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:48:44Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

And personally, I don't like no updated pointers on the cose list about progress in the github. It makes the whole work non-obvious to those that scan the list.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:49:04Z"}, {"author": "G\u00f6ran Selander", "text": "

Ivaylo: We already had a discussion on the mailing list. Would be good with more input.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:49:18Z"}, {"author": "Ivaylo Petrov", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T06:50:01Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

+1 orie

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:50:01Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I will look into running RUST. Never had the need before.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:50:23Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

cargo is your fiend

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:50:48Z"}, {"author": "Ivaylo Petrov", "text": "

@meetecho please pivot speakers cam to presenter

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:50:59Z"}, {"author": "Carsten Bormann", "text": "

Maybe John can give a short memo how to call the code...

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:51:17Z"}, {"author": "Ivaylo Petrov", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T06:51:26Z"}, {"author": "Mike Ounsworth", "text": "

@John Preu\u00df Mattsson
\nI see:

C509Certificate = [\n   TBSCertificate,\n   issuerSignatureValue : any,\n]\n\n; The elements of the following group are used in a CBOR Sequence:\nTBSCertificate = (\n   c509CertificateType: int,\n   certificateSerialNumber: CertificateSerialNumber,\n   issuer: Name,\n   validityNotBefore: Time,\n   validityNotAfter: Time,\n   subject: Name,\n   subjectPublicKeyAlgorithm: AlgorithmIdentifier,\n   subjectPublicKey: any,\n   extensions: Extensions,\n   issuerSignatureAlgorithm: AlgorithmIdentifier,\n)\n

So the issuerSignatureAlgorithm is inside the TBSCertificate, and not in the outer C509 structure. RFC 5280 defines the unsigned copy of the signatureAlgorithm. I personally don't know why X.509 has two; but it seems reasonable to me to treat that as a bug and fix it.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:51:33Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I am asleep on my feet, so to speak, to remember why. Probably explained in 5280.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:53:06Z"}, {"author": "Mike Ounsworth", "text": "

Quick skim; I didn't see it explained.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:53:32Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I will try and dig tomorrow and when I find it, I will post to the list.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:54:09Z"}, {"author": "G\u00f6ran Selander", "text": "

(Sorry, lost audio had to restart)

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:54:24Z"}, {"author": "Andrew Fregly", "text": "

Was there once a time when two different signers would put signatures into an X.509 cert?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:54:49Z"}, {"author": "Orie Steele", "text": "

you want a poll?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:55:36Z"}, {"author": "Mike Ounsworth", "text": "

No no, there's only one signature value, but two copies of the algorithm name -- the two values MUST match. 5280 is quite clear on that; but doesn't seem to say why.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:55:54Z"}, {"author": "G\u00f6ran Selander", "text": "

Proposal is to move issuerSignatureAlgorithm to the top of TBSCertificate

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:55:56Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

Wait, are you talking issuerSig and subjectsig? Those CAN be different!

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:57:06Z"}, {"author": "Mike Ounsworth", "text": "

... what subjectsig?

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:57:25Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

Issuer and subject can use different alg. And sorry, brain is dumb now and I can't remember the right labels.

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:58:05Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

It is 3am for me,,,

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:58:54Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

Channel Jim!

", "time": "2024-03-19T06:59:08Z"}, {"author": "John Preu\u00df Mattsson", "text": "

Carstens suggestion sounds good

", "time": "2024-03-19T07:00:05Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

I need to look at this and review 5280 for my opinion and I will post it to the list.

", "time": "2024-03-19T07:00:23Z"}, {"author": "John Preu\u00df Mattsson", "text": "

Carstens suggestion is to register 2,3 and make 0,1 reserved

", "time": "2024-03-19T07:00:47Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "

For interop, we will end up with all doing it one way.

", "time": "2024-03-19T07:01:43Z"}, {"author": "Robert Moskowitz", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-19T07:01:58Z"}]