[{"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Greetings, unfortunately i can't join the hotrfc session using MeetEcho - unauthorized, any hints?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:02:10Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

@Roble Mumin are you registered at the IETF meeting?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:03:31Z"}, {"author": "Lorenzo Miniero", "text": "

I don't see your name in the participants list

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:03:59Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Nope, guess that's the issue, thanks for the hint. ;)

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:04:28Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Got a slot in the session though. ;)

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:05:11Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

@Roble Mumin There's a link to register for a free day pass. It gives you a code to enter during registration.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:06:29Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

Go to https://registration.ietf.org/119/ and follow the \"fee waiver\" link.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:08:14Z"}, {"author": "Jean Queralt", "text": "

What are the features in symmetric keys that are quantum-resistant?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:08:40Z"}, {"author": "Jean Queralt", "text": "

I could think of

\n", "time": "2024-03-17T08:10:08Z"}, {"author": "Jean Queralt", "text": "

None seem to me necessarily quantum-resistant.


What is it I am missing?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:10:45Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Neal Krawetz schrieb:


Go to https://registration.ietf.org/119/ and follow the \"fee waiver\" link.


Thanks a bunch, it worked. ;)

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:11:20Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "

@Roble Mumin
\nYou could try to register now. You might still be able to join session. Let us know if you need to move your talk at the end.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:12:22Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "

So you can present now? @Roble Mumin

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:12:52Z"}, {"author": "Muhammad Sardar", "text": "

Speaker slides are not in the agenda. Will they be added?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:14:05Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-17T08:14:37Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

@Muhammad Sardar I think you can download them as a tar file from the agenda.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:14:42Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "

Please find the slides in that link.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:14:54Z"}, {"author": "Muhammad Sardar", "text": "

Thanks, probably https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/119/materials/agenda-119-hotrfc-sessa-02#h.tcdfo75c0far is not updated.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:15:29Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "

Will be added later. Thank you for pointing this out.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:16:15Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "

try this https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/119/materials/agenda-119-hotrfc-sessa-04.html

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:17:13Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Shuping Peng schrieb:


So you can present now? @Roble Mumin


Yes i am inside the session thanks for the support! ;)

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:18:38Z"}, {"author": "Shuping Peng", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-17T08:18:48Z"}, {"author": "Spencer Dawkins", "text": "

Every IETF meeting needs one or two cute analogies - \"pets\" versus \"cattle\" works for me.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:20:54Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Shuping Peng schrieb:




I have some network jitter though with disconnecting audio and video, hope it will work out. ;)

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:21:26Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

I'm seeing good video, no jitter, and clear audio.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:24:51Z"}, {"author": "Muhammad Sardar", "text": "

How is it different from attested CSR work https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-lamps-csr-attestation/

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:28:50Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

The 4-minute clock is scary and awesome. Reminds me of Scalzi's book, \"Starter Villain\", where the bad presenters got launched into a lake.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:33:09Z"}, {"author": "Stefan Ubbink", "text": "

how does the DNS-based Certificate Re-Validation relate to the TLSA records?

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:33:27Z"}, {"author": "Roble Mumin", "text": "

Stefan Ubbink schrieb:


how does the DNS-based Certificate Re-Validation relate to the TLSA records?


TLSA could be used to periodically and/or transaction based verify existing certificates. The goal is to later implement a inherent re-validation of root certificates so injected certs can be mark as invalid within a given time and disrupt the ecosystem of any attacker.

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:41:13Z"}, {"author": "Benson Muite", "text": "


", "time": "2024-03-17T08:53:44Z"}, {"author": "Neal Krawetz", "text": "

That was fun!

", "time": "2024-03-17T08:53:59Z"}]