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Hello everyone

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Welcome to contribute to the notes at: https://notes.ietf.org/notes-ietf-119-idr

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@meetecho can we get video camera on presenter rather than watching the chairs? :-)

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Ack, sorry for missing this!

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tyvm. lunch sleepiness for all.

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Lunch? I still need breakfast - but 6am was a little early to eat ;p

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lunch? more like 4AM sleplessness here ;-)

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\"time is an illusion. lunch time doubly so.\"

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My understanding of this draft is that it seems to be overlay related - and hence I'd question if this doesn't maybe belong in BESS?

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:20:01Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

This is about IPv4 reachability so it is base Internet service IMO

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This is about exchanging the mapping in bgp, so this piece is either idr or bess.

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The NAT behaviors done are definitely INT area.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:22:01Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@authors of 4map6, there were some questions and discussion over the IDR mailer. Would appreciate response to clarify the use-case as well as aspects related to the translation mechanism itself.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:23:48Z"}, {"author": "Tony Przygienda", "text": "

as to Andrew, if it's basic connectitity then ::FFFF is your friend AFAIS and if you stick whole packet into v6 then it's basically a tunnel and overlay. if the reasoning is address obfuscation then I don't see how sticking v4 into v6 packets helps much.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:27:24Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

The scenario isn't necessarily about obfuscation, I believe, but a form of CGNAT.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:28:41Z"}, {"author": "Tony Przygienda", "text": "

ok, possible use case but it's still v4 tunneled over v6 so AFAIS overlay. and smashing NAT+overlay tunnels into a single flat architecture does not seem to me particularly elegant either. good 'nuff. thanks

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:35:01Z"}, {"author": "Chongfeng Xie", "text": "

@Ketan OK, we will give feedbacks to your questions. Thank you.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:35:29Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@TonyP, the proposal is for translation and not encapsulation. But you are not the only person having this perception. This is what was raised on the mail thread over the wknd.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:36:12Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "

@Mengxiao Just double check the specs, currently PeerAdj SID is not included in the L2 bundle member TLV, while Adj SID can, do you think that is not good enough?

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:37:38Z"}, {"author": "Chongfeng Xie", "text": "

@Ketan, the proposal works for both transaltion and encapsulation.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:37:46Z"}, {"author": "Tony Przygienda", "text": "

@Ketan, well, then explain how that works without putting v4 into v6 packet which is architecturally a tunnel whether you call it a vogon spaceship or a tunnel

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:37:49Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@TonyP, I am not the author but that was my question as well

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:38:29Z"}, {"author": "Changwang Lin", "text": "

@jie dong: peer adj sid can not be the sub tlv of l2 buundle member tlv

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:38:46Z"}, {"author": "Tony Przygienda", "text": "

By \"explain\" I mean it would be helpful to have that somehow described in the draft AFAIS

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:38:54Z"}, {"author": "Tony Przygienda", "text": "

@Ketan: oh, ok, understood. thanks

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:39:03Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@TonyP ... +1

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:39:07Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

it's covered somewhat in the referred draft for the architecture.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:39:20Z"}, {"author": "Changwang Lin", "text": "

this draft reuses the peer adj sid tlv as sub tlv of l2 bundle member tlv

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:39:26Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "

@Changwang what I mean is can adj-SID be used instead of peer-adj?

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:39:48Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@Jeff ... true but that \"somehow\" was not very clear and may be it is not just me getting mixed up between translation and encapsulation.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:40:06Z"}, {"author": "Changwang Lin", "text": "

adj-sid is igp not bpg

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:40:25Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

More clarity in bgp document would be helpful, I agree.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:40:30Z"}, {"author": "Changwang Lin", "text": "

adj-sid is used for igp, not for bgp peer adj sid

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:40:43Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@Jie, AdjSID is for IGPs and we are talking about a BGP EPE PeerAdj SID ... semantics are slightly different. You will note we are not adding new TLVs - just updating procedures to cover BGP EPE for L2 bundle members

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:41:22Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

the idr chairs need to put out a statement regarding using bgp-ls as glue for work standardized elsewhere in ietf.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:47:01Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

it's important to not let the bgp glue get ahead of the base work.

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:47:27Z"}, {"author": "Ketan Talaulikar", "text": "

@Jeff +1

", "time": "2024-03-18T03:48:43Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "

@Ketan I see the difference between adj-SID and peer-adj SID, then what about SRv6, do we need a different SID type for BGP links?

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:01:13Z"}, {"author": "Andrew Alston", "text": "

So - I'm a little confused here. APN failed multiple BOF's - and is not fully defined - so I'm trying to understand what this draft is actually building on - and if we are not jumping the gun here. If and when APN is actually defined and interest is shown - should we not address this then?

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andrew, please take that one to the mic. the room should hear it

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", "time": "2024-03-18T04:02:04Z"}, {"author": "Mengxiao Chen", "text": "

@Jie Section 4.2 of RFC8986 specified that End.X can be allocated to L2 bundle members.

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:02:58Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "

@Mengxiao End.X was for IGP, my question is do we need a new type for l2bundle in BGP EPE? Better make is consistent between SR-MPLS and SRv6

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:04:28Z"}, {"author": "Mengxiao Chen", "text": "

@Jie End.X can be used for BGP EPE, also specified by RFC8986. For MPLS-SR, we reuse the existing PeerAdj SID TLV. In SRv6, we use End.X SID TLV. I think it is consistent. :)

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Can we turn down the audio a bit, this is quite loud?

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:15:53Z"}, {"author": "Tom Strickx", "text": "

Thank you!

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:16:18Z"}, {"author": "Jie Dong", "text": "

@mengxiao chen, I see the text in RFC 8986, thanks.

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:21:33Z"}, {"author": "Tony Li", "text": "

It would be good to see a comparison of FC-BGP and SCION. Also, some discussion of traffic engineering seems to be in order.

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:37:16Z"}, {"author": "Jeffrey Haas", "text": "

one big difference is scion is effectively \"forward between the ASes\"

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apropos nothing: I'm impressed with the new meetecho. works a charm so far, sleeker interface, cameras well integrqated :+1: emojis in the chat, lookie ...

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hmm, npoe, emojis broken it seems :grimacing:

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but yes, much improved!

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working very well here - and considering we've got like 8 outta 10 submarine cables serving africa down right now - so routing is real funky - Im impressed

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:49:15Z"}, {"author": "Andrew Alston", "text": "

Btw - before I forget and we end - just wanted to say my thanks to the working group for all the work done during my tenure as AD - The working group was always a pleasure to work with. A special thanks to the chairs as well for the solid work they always put in.

", "time": "2024-03-18T04:52:45Z"}, {"author": "Keyur Patel", "text": "

Thank you Andew! :)

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Thanks you Andrew, welcome back home John

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