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Good afternoon

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To Deb

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^ there we go

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Thanks Deb!

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@David ... do you want to be in the queue

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apologies that the unmute button did not work for me

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@David we can try again when Mike finishes this preso if that works for you

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I'll be fine :-)

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Thanks for the link @mprorock

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Mike Osborne at IBM research would be a good one to get a brain dump from on that effort

", "time": "2024-03-18T05:48:54Z"}, {"author": "David Waite", "text": "

I'm also curious about the feasibility of zk-STARKs, as they are hash based and should have good PQ properties

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", "time": "2024-03-18T05:50:18Z"}, {"author": "Richard Barnes", "text": "

Why on earth would we do this?

", "time": "2024-03-18T05:51:51Z"}, {"author": "Chris Lemmons", "text": "

I'll put it in text.

", "time": "2024-03-18T05:56:38Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

note - no concerns if this draft punts the ecdh side and no one picks it up as a separate draft

", "time": "2024-03-18T05:56:43Z"}, {"author": "Chris Lemmons", "text": "

Speaking as someone who managed to get themselves in trouble by not quite getting this right (in particular, by failing to properly define the allowable ephemeral key types), having this fully specified would have helped me not get in quite as much trouble.

", "time": "2024-03-18T05:57:41Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

if long term storage is a concern are you considering techniques that deal with store now attacks similar to https://bughunters.google.com/blog/5108747984306176/google-s-threat-model-for-post-quantum-cryptography

", "time": "2024-03-18T06:36:36Z"}, {"author": "John Preu\u00df Mattsson", "text": "

jinling Zhang, Welcome to the IETF

", "time": "2024-03-18T06:52:23Z"}, {"author": "Michael Prorock", "text": "

general question - is this more protocol oriented - is oauth a better home?

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