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(link to part 1)

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The BGP4 spec was debugged along with the LIVE code running on Internet routers at IETF meetings!

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wait, i think you misspelled \"DNS\"?

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\"We have to put the data in BGP\" is what routing jockeys say. Brian beat me to it.

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There we go!

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i like the use of \"extend\" here

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in the sense of \"we have extended your protocol, pray we do not extend it further\"

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I've called DNS a garbage truck on a bicycle. It's amazing that the bike hasn't been squashed, and ou never quite know when that next load will do the job.

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Don't worry, we have SVCB/HTTPS RRs now, so there's a truck on a truck on a bike

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So I can mine BitCoin with BGP?

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verrrrry verrrrrry slowly

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So long as the coins are transitive, else you might lose them

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it's a better platform for NFTs: https://labs.ripe.net/author/cteusche/bgp-meets-cat/

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(although that's a JPG that proves the ownership of an external resource, so I suppose it's more of a backward NFT)

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In case anyone else wanted that Code Point Management link: https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/97/materials/slides-97-idr-code-point-management-02

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Not even ASN.1...?

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QUIC is a framing layer construction kit though

", "time": "2024-03-21T08:12:25Z"}, {"author": "Eliot Lear", "text": "

I think there is an interaction between source-routing and the path-vector world that needs to be considered.

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Hi, scion author here. I could unfortunately join only now and remotely due to travel+conflicting meetings. I watched the first part from Sunday and it was very informative, thank you for organizing this!
\nI\u2019ll watch to the recording and add some comments on the discussion in the panrg list

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hi nicola! +1 to eliot's last point, it's a big conversation but we should start...

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Nice job, guys!

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Thank you!

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