IETF 119 - Wish Working Group Agenda

Time and Date

Administrivia (5 minutes)

Administrivia (10 minutes)

Working Group Drafts (75 minutes)

WISH Status - WG Chairs (5min)

Brisbane notes:
No major issues so far.

WHEP - Sergio Garcia Murillo (Remaining Time)

Brisbane notes:
Unfortunately no slides received before the meeting.
Going through the open issues on the GitHub issue tracker for the draft.

Codec mismatch:
Jonathan: there isn't much to be done. Either fail the m-line by
rejecting it, or fail the whole SDP offer/answer
Harald: agreed with Jonathan

Transferring to new Area for the WHEP draft; WHIP will still be finished
by Murray

Francesca: suggestion to consider scheduling an interrim meeting to make
more progress on the open issue before the next meeting