DHC WG agenda - IETF 66
                        0900-1130 2006-07-11 (Tue)
                   (Last revised 2006-07-06 08:13 AM ET)

Administrivia                                   Venaas/Droms     10 minutes
  Agenda bashing; blue sheets; scribe; Jabber scribe

Last call requests                              Venaas/Droms     05 minutes

DHCPv6 Relay Agent Echo Request Option          B. Volz          05 minutes
  Accept as WG work item?

DHCP options for PANA Authentication Agents     L. Morand        10 minutes
  Ready for WG last call?
  (Note that -03 rev will drop FQDN as an option)

Extension of DHCP LEASEQUERY                    B. Joshi         15 minutes
  Review and feedback

DHCP for MANET Autoconf and NETLMM              F. Templin       20 minutes

DHCPv4 Relay Agent Flags Suboption              M. Normoyle      10 minutes
  Ready for WG last call?

DHCP Server Identifier Override Suboption       TBD              10 minutes
  Discuss update to include Relay Agent Flags suboption

DHCP security and Diameter interfaces           V. Ram           15 minutes
  Presentation and discussion

DHCPv6 Leasequery                               J. Brzozowski    15 minutes
  Presentation and disscussion

Review of RFC2131 before adv. to Internet Std   TBD              10 minutes

DHCPv4 Threat Analysis                          TBD              10 minutes

Changes to the DHCP RFCs                        TBD              10 minutes
                                                                145 minutes