BEHAVE Agenda -- IETF 67, San Diego
                   WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2006, 9:00-11:30
                  (agenda last revised 2006-11-06 15:57 PST)

 Chair: Dan Wing,

 9:00  Agenda and document status, Dan Wing                  (10 mins)
       draft-ietf-behave-nat-udp-08, now in RFC editor queue
       draft-ietf-behave-p2p-state-00, new WG document, WGLC soon
       draft-ietf-behave-turn-02, removed 'doors', waiting for TURN
       Adopt draft-ford-behave-app-04 to meet our Application milestone?

 9:10  Multicast, Dan Wing                                   (5 mins)
       status: scope change; still needed?

 9:15  STUNbis, Jonathan Rosenberg                           (20 mins)

 9:35  TCP, Philip Matthews                                  (10 mins)
       status: ready for technical review and WGLC

 9:45  ICMP, Fernando Gont                                   (30 mins)
       status: ready for technical review and WGLC

10:15  NAT Behavior Discovery, Derek MacDonald               (10 mins)
       status:  adopt as working group document?

10:25  Application Keepalive for NATs, Xavier Marjou         (10 mins)
       status:  separate from ICE, or integrate into Application 
                milestone document?

10:35  NAT Control STUN Usage, Jonathan Rosenberg            (15 mins)
       status:  adopt as working group document?

10:50  end