IETF-67 DKIM DRAFT Meeting agenda

Tuesday, 0900-1130, Grande Ballroom B

As of 20061025a

DKIM charter page:

The DKIM chairs are Stephen Farrell and Barry Leiba

The jabber room is:

DKIM will meet once for 2.5 hours during IETF-67.

Meeting goal

The main goal of the meeting is to finish discussion of the SSP requirements and then (and only then) begin disussion of candidates and design alternatives.

We also need to begin to focus on the Overview document.

Agenda slots

As people send in slides, I'll add links to them here. Timings may change.

The SSP "candidate" presentations are in the order in which people answered my mail asking them to do it. Hector Santos won't be able to present his candidate (draft-santos-dkim-dsap).

1 Agenda Bash Chairs 5
2 Document Status Chairs 5
3 SSP Requirements Mike Thomas 30
4 draft-hallambaker-dkimpolicy Phill Hallam-Baker 20
5 draft-otis-dkim-dosp Doug Otis 20
6 draft-allman-dkim-ssp Jim Fenton 20
7 Open Mike on SSP Chairs 10
8 DKIM Overview Tony Hansen 20
9 VBR Paul Hoffman 5
10 AOB Chairs 5