IETF-67 DTNRG Meeting agenda

Thursday, 0900-1130

As of 200611108

DTNRG web site: charter page:

The DTNRG chairs are Kevin Fall and Stephen Farrell

DTNRG will meet once for 2.5 hours during IETF-67.

The email list is You need to be a list member to send mail to the list. To subscribe, visit the DTNRG mailing list page or send an email to An archive of the email list is available at DTNRG mail archive.

The jabber room is:

During IETF-67 a number of people will be trying to get some interop done for DTN protocols.

As people send in slides, I'll add links to them here.

Agenda slots

Welcome/agenda-bash Kevin Fall 5
Document status Stephen Farrell 5
News whoever 10
Interop report Scott Burleigh/Manikantan Ramadas 15
DTN Bone Manikantan Ramadas 5
SPINDLE Chris Small 20
Multicast Susan Symmington 15
Retransmission draft Susan Symmington 10
DTN2 update Michael Demmer 10
Velocity-enabled DTN Richard Beck 15
TCP Convergence layer draft Mike Demmer/Joerg Ott 10
Chants and DTN/AODV Joerg Ott 20
Open mike/discussion Kevin Fall 10