Draft Agenda, SIP at IETF 68

Session 1: Tuesday March 20, 2007 1740-1840 Grand Ballroom

Discussion Lead Topic Reading List Est. Time
Chairs Agenda bash, status, announcements This document 5
Jonathan Rosenberg ICE Option Tag draft-ietf-sip-ice-option-tag-01 15
Jonathan Rosenberg GRUU changes draft-ietf-sip-gruu-12 20
Robert Sparks Process for Revising 3261
Mechanism for Publication
Prioritization of Issues
Which current drafts are bugfixes?

Session 2: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 1300-1500 Congress II

Discussion Lead Topic Reading List Est. Time
Francois Audet SIPS: Guidelines draft-ietf-sip-sips-02 30
Cullen Jennings Outbound draft-ietf-sip-outbound-08 45
If time permits ...
Marc Petit-Huguenin Fragmentation draft-petithuguenin-sip-outbound-fragmentation-02 15
Jae Woo Lee
Henning Schulzrinne
SIP URI Service Discovery using DNS-SD draft-lee-sip-dns-sd-uri-00 15
Mayumi Munakata Clarification of Privacy draft-munakata-sip-privacy-clarified-00 15
Thomas Froment Record route management draft-froment-sip-record-route-fix-00 10
Vijay Gurbani
Scott Lawrence
Domain Certificates draft-gurbani-sip-domain-certs-04 15