DTNRG IETF-69 Meeting

This file was last changed on 20070724.

The meeting will be in the IETF meeting hotel, in Salon 3 on Tuesday 0900-1130.


TimeTopicWho (link to slides)
0900-0905Welcome & agenda bashChairs
0905-0930DTNRG document status/newsChairs
0930-0940Key management requirementsStephen Farrell (TCD)
0940-0950DTN reference codeMike Demmer (Berkeley)
0950-1000Bundle ChecksumWes Eddy (Nasa)
1000-1020DTN simulation: ns-3Tom Henderson (Boeing)
1020-1030DTN simulation: ONEJoerg Ott (TKK)
1030-1050SaratogaLloyd Wood (Cisco)
1050-1120Node discoveryJim Wyllie (Ohio U.)