Note that actual time allotments might shift somewhat in the final agenda.

1. Agenda Bashing (10 minutes) - Chairs
      * Agenda changes
      * Election of Scribe for Proceedings
      * Jabber Scribe

2. Go through proposed NETCONF updates 

2.1 Partial Lock RPC for Netconf (Balazs Lengyel - 15 minutes)

  Proposes a capability based extension to the NETCONF protocol to lock only a part of a 
  configuration datastore.

2.2 Netconf XML Schema Query (Sharon Chisholm - 10 minutes )

   Defines a mechanism to retrieve a list of XML Schemas supported by a NETCONF server.

2.3 Access Control 
    2.3.1  ACL data model for NETCONF (Iijima Tomoyuki - 15 minutes)

    2.3.2 NETCONF access control profile for XACML ( TBD -5 minutes)

   Proposes a profile that defines how to use XACML (eXtended Access Control Markup Language)
   to provide fine-grain access control for NETCONF commands.

2.4 NETCONF over TLS (Dan Romascanu - 10 minutes)

   Describes how to use TLS to secure NETCONF exchanges.

2.5 Netconf Monitoring Schema  (Sharon Chisholm - 10 minutes)

   Defines Netconf content via XML Schema to be used to monitor the Netconf protocol.

2.6 Experience of implementing NETCONF over SOAP (Hideki Okita
5 minutes) 

2.7 A NETCONF Datamodel for Diff-Serv QoS Control Configuration (Hideki Okita
5 minutes) 

3. Charter discussion (15 minutes) 

4. Judge consensus in the room for forming a working group (10 minutes)