CCAMP Meeting Agenda
        for the
    75th IETF Meeting
Stockholm July 2009
One Session Only (NO Second Session)
Tuesday: 0900-1130 (9.00am - 11.30am) Morning Session I
For slides see:
Presentation Start Time Duration Information
0   9:00 5 Title: Administrivia  
Presenter: Chairs
1   9:05 15 Title:  WG status, RFCs, drafts, milestones, charter, errata  
Presenter: Chairs
2   9:20 10 Title: ITU-T and OIF progress report  
Presenter: Lyndon Ong
3   9:30 10 Title: Last call results Data Channel Status Confirmation Extensions for LMP
Draft: draft-ietf-ccamp-confirm-data-channel-status-05.txt
Presenter: Dan Li
4   9:40 10 Title: Last call results Conversion Between PC and SPC  
Draft: draft-ietf-ccamp-pc-spc-rsvpte-ext-02.txt
Presenter: Daniele Ceccarelli
5   9:50 10 Title: GMPLS LSP Data Path Delay Metric  
Draft: draft-sun-ccamp-dpm-00.txt
Presenter: Weiqiang Sun
6   10:00 5 Title: Association of GMPLS Recovery LSPs  
Draft: draft-berger-ccamp-assoc-info-00.txt
Presenter: Lou Berger
7   10:05 15 Title: Merged draft: OTN & G.709 Drafts  
Draft: draft-ceccarelli-ccamp-gmpls-g709-am3-00
Presenter: Xihua Fu, Fatai Zhang, D Ceccarelli
8   10:20 5 Title: Extensions for OTN and SONET/SDH OAM Configuration  
Draft: draft-kern-ccamp-rsvp-te-sdh-otn-oam-ext-00
Presenter: A. Takacs
9   10:25 5 Title: RSVP-TE extensions to GMPLS Calls  
Draft: draft-zhang-ccamp-gmpls-call-extensions-01
Presenter: Fatai Zhang
10   10:30 10 Title: WSON RWA WG documents  
Framework for RWA in WSON
RWA Information Model for WSON
RWA Encoding for WSON
Draft: draft-ietf-ccamp-rwa-wson-framework-02
Presenter: Greg Bernstein
11   10:40   Title: WSON RWA non-WG documents  
11 a 10:40 10 Title: WSON Signal Characteristics and NE compatibility
Draft: draft-bernstein-ccamp-wson-signal-00
Presenter: Greg Bernstein
11 b 10:50 5 Title: Signaling Extensions for Wavelength Switched Optical Networks
Draft: draft-bernstein-ccamp-wson-signaling-04
Presenter: Greg Bernstein
11 c 10:55 5 Title: OSPF in Support of RWA in WSON
Draft: draft-zhang-ccamp-rwa-wson-routing-ospf-01.txt
Presenter: Fatai Zhang
11 d 11:00 5 Title: Synchronized Signaling
Draft: draft-martinelli-ccamp-synch-signaling-01
Presenter: Giovanni Martinelli 
12   11:05 10 Title: Framework for WSON Impairments  
Draft: draft-ietf-ccamp-wson-impairments-00
Presenter: Young Lee
13   11:15   Title: WSON Impairments non-WG documents  
13 a 11:15 5 Title: Information Model for Impaired Optical Path Validation
Draft: draft-bernstein-wson-impairment-info-02
Presenter: Young Lee
13 b 11:20 5 Title: Information Encoding for Impaired Optical Path Validation
Draft: draft-bernstein-wson-impairment-encode-01
Presenter: Young Lee
13 c 11:25 5 Title: Optical Impairment Signaling
Draft: draft-martinelli-ccamp-optical-imp-signaling-02.txt
Presenter: Giovanni Martinelli
Finish 11:30