IPv6 Operations Agenda, IETF 75, Stockholm

Deployment issues: 13:00-15:00

IPv6 Deployment in Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
Roque Gagliano, draft-ietf-v6ops-v6inixp-01.txt

A Hybrid ISP Framework for IPv6 Services and IPv6/IPv4 Inter-communication
Jiangfeng Xu, Sheng Jiang, Brian Carpenter, draft-xu-v6ops-hybrid-framework-00.txt

An Incremental Carrier-Grade NAT (CGN) for IPv6 Transition
Sheng Jiang, Dayong Guo, Brian Carpenter, draft-jiang-v6ops-incremental-cgn-02.txt

Generation of ICMPv6 Echo Replies for Teredo Clients
Teemu Savolainen, Remi Denis-Courmont, draft-denis-icmpv6-generation-for-teredo-00.txt

Non-Deterministic IPv6 Tunnels considered Harmful
Gunter Van de Velde, Ole Troan, Tim Chown, draft-vandevelde-v6ops-harmful-tunnels-00.txt

IPv6 via IPv4 Service Provider Networks
Mark Townsley, Ole Troan, draft-townsley-ipv6-6rd-00.txt

CPE Router issues: 15:20-17:00

Recommended Simple Security Capabilities in Customer Premises Equipment for Providing Residential IPv6 Internet Service
James Woodyatt, draft-ietf-v6ops-cpe-simple-security-06.txt

Use Cases and Requirements for an IPv6 CPE Router
Chris Donley, Deepak Kharbanda, John Jason Brzozowski, Yiu Lee, Jason Weil, Kirk Erichsen, Lee Howard, Jean-Francois Tremblay, draft-donley-ipv6-cpe-rtr-use-cases-and-reqs-00.txt

IPv6 CPE Router Recommendations
Hemant Singh, Wes Beebee, draft-ietf-v6ops-ipv6-cpe-router-00.txt

Other issues 17:10-18:10

A word from the Security Directorate
Tina Tsou

IPv4 and IPv6 Greynets
Fred Baker, Warren Harrop, Grenville Armitage, draft-baker-v6ops-greynet-00.txt

Load Balancing based on IPv6 Anycast and pseudo-Mobility
Wanming Luo, XiaoDong Lee, Wei Mao, Mei Wang, draft-luo-v6ops-6man-shim6-lbam-01.txt