DTNRG IETF-75 Meeting

Last changed on 20091112

Our meeting slot is FRIDAY 0900-1130, November 13 2009, in the Cattleya West room.

Thanks are due to Prof. Masato Tsuru (Kyushu Institute of Technology / NICT) for organising Japanese colleagues to present their work on DTN.

DTNRG information is at http://www.dtnrg.org/

Draft Agenda

Time Topic Who
0900-0905 Welcome & agenda bash Chairs
0905-0915 DTNRG document status Chairs
0915-0930 Existing document issues All
0930-0950 A Simple Scheme for Relative Time Synchronization in Delay Tolerant MANETs Masahiro Sasabe (Osaka University)
0950-1010 PEAR: Potential-Based Entropy Adaptive Routing for Disruption Tolerant Networks Hideya Ochiai (The University of Tokyo / NICT)
1010-1030 DTN technology as enabler of cost-efficient networking with wired and wireless integration Masato Tsuru (Kyushu Institute of Technology / NICT)
1030-1040 N4C/Extremecom report Stephen Farrell (TCD)
1040-1100 Naming: draft-davies-dtnrg-uri-find Elwyn Davies (Folly Consulting)
1100-1115 DTN2 implementation update Kevin Fall (Intel)
1115-1129 DTN Usability Project Brenton Walker
1129-1130 Close