ALTO WG -- IETF 77, Anaheim, CA
Monday, March 22, 17:40-19:40

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Chairs: Vijay K. Gurbani <>
        Enrico Marocco <>
        Jon Peterson <>


- Administrivia                                             (Chairs, 10')

- Issue tracker experiment                                  (Chairs, 10')

- Requirements                                          (Rich Woundy, 5')
  draft-ietf-alto-reqs-04 (Diffs since IETF76)

- ALTO protocol                                      (Richard Alimi, 35')
  draft-ietf-alto-protocol-03 (Diffs since IETF76)

- An alternative service for the ALTO protocol  (Martin Stiemerling, 10')
  draft-kiesel-alto-h12-02 (Diffs since IETF74)

- Information redistribution                         (Richard Alimi, 10')
  draft-gu-alto-redistribution-02 (Diffs since IETF76)

- Third-party ALTO server discovery                 (Michael Scharf, 15') 
  draft-kiesel-alto-3pdisc-02 (Diffs since IETF76)

- ISP-friendly peer-to-peer live stream              (Fabio Picconi, 15')
  draft-picconi-alto-p2p-streaming-00 (First time presented)

- Deployment considerations and load reduction  (Martin Stiemerling, 10')
  draft-stiemerling-alto-deployments-02 (First time presented)
  draft-stiemerling-alto-load-reduction-00 (First time presented)